80-year-old old ladies swim 3 kilometers along the river, and it’s not fun.

We have been living in comfortable conditions for so long that we perceive access to drinking water or fresh food as something quite natural. But in this world, people live next to us who have to make efforts to get things so familiar to every modern person…

In the Indonesian village of Tinambung on the island of Sulawesi, life is not at all like ours. In this fishing village, a special place is occupied by old ladies-water carriers. The thing is that there is simply no drinking water in Tinambung! The village is located at the mouth of the river near the sea. The water here is salty, unsuitable for drinking.

The nearest source of life-giving moisture is already three kilometers from the village. Local water is suitable only for domestic needs. For example, for washing, washing dishes, bathing. That’s the duty to get drinking water for the old ladies! Moreover, women of respectable age have to go swimming for vital moisture!

The water collectors are almost all over 80 years old, while the old ladies have to take on hard work. Amazing photos show how a whole caravan of grandmothers swims to the well with a huge number of empty cans! Each old lady can take about 200 containers with her to fill them with water later.

As a result, one grandmother gets a little less than $ 7 for her raid! The old ladies provide water to the whole village, whose inhabitants are busy with important things: farming, fishing and other daily chores. It is the grandmothers who are engaged in this responsible task, because they are the least loaded.

While a woman can do other things, she does not go for water. But at a certain age, along with the rest, it is quite difficult to wash, look after children or get food. Then they become water carriers! And 80-year-old grandmothers go on a 3-kilometer journey along the river for fresh water.

And they do not consider it something strange, difficult or impossible. They overcome their exhausting and dangerous path with a huge number of cans, so as not to constantly swim back and forth. Old ladies simply tie containers to an air-filled car chamber to drag them along the whole way. Grandmothers set off in small groups.

On the road, elderly women communicate with each other, paddling steadily through the water with their hands. the photo of grandmothers is really impressive, but leaves the feeling that they perform the task easily and naturally. Although it’s not! Swimming 3 kilometers is quite a difficult task, especially for older people.

But it is even more difficult to go on the way back with a huge number of cans! You need to be able to maneuver, and it is also important that you have enough strength to swim! We often complain about life, how hard it is to get up in the morning, work a lot. But when you look at the photos of grandmothers swimming with hundreds of cans, you understand who is really not easy.

At the same time, the old ladies do not believe that they are doing something impossible! There is such a custom in their village, they follow it – everything is simple! Although it is quite possible that constant physical activity prolongs the life of these elderly women. After all, without movement, you can quickly lose your last strength.

Therefore, it is not very clear who is healthier – a modern elderly resident of a megalopolis spending his old age watching TV, or a cheerful Indonesian old woman forced to swim 3 kilometers for water in her 80s!

It is quite possible that we pay for comfort with our health, depriving ourselves of physical exertion, outdoor life and such a natural connection with nature. Therefore, it is not necessary to condemn Indonesian customs just because they seem very unusual to us.

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