96-year-old man shocked the judge with a charge of speeding, his answer made me cry

A person in any position should remain a worthy person. Even where he administers punishment in the name of the law, today’s story is just about that. Francesco (Frank), the well-known chief municipal judge of Providence, the capital of Rhode Island, always tries to match the best human qualities Caprio. It went back to his childhood. He was born in the same city where he works. His father was an Italian immigrant, his mother was a poor American.

Since childhood, parents have been telling their children to study if they don’t want to go to work at 4 am all their lives to sell milk. His father predicted Frank’s career as a lawyer, but always told him to remember his poor childhood. The future judge remembered his father’s words well: “Never take money from the poor, you will still have time to earn money from the rich.” Having become a successful judge in civil cases, he did not lose his conscience, and he began to consider any cases taking into account the general life circumstances of the guilty.

Impressed by his manner of conducting meetings, the brother began to record them and put them on the Internet. The videos gained a lot of views. For two decades, the broadcast from the meetings where Caprio presided was on local television. In 2017, the video from the courtroom gained more than 15 million views on the Internet. Since September of the following year, the program “Caught in Providence” has been broadcast on the central channel.

One day Judge Frank was shocked by a 96-year-old man. Caprio saw an old man struggling to stand on the defendant’s bench and was surprised to realize that it was to him that he should pass a verdict for speeding. It turned out that Victor Coella violated the speed limit in the school zone. The judge began to ask the old man why he did it? Coella said he travels very rarely and only when he needs to. After a pause, he said that that day he took his disabled son for a blood test.

Wiping away tears, the old man added: “I drive him every 2 weeks because he has cancer.” At that moment, the judge realized that he would not write out to the old man the amount of the fine that is required by law. He called Coell a real US citizen and a decent family man. The judge was amazed that in his ninth decade he continues to take care of his family. When Coella told that his son is 63 years old, Caprio even managed to make a joke: “You are a father who really cares about his child.

Unfortunately, I don’t look so good in front of my son, who is here.” Then the judge wished the old man and his son all the best and rejected the fine. The case was dismissed. Caprio’s amazing kindness has received more than a million endorsements from Twitter readers. When Judge Frank is accused of excessive leniency in using the law, he always responds that humanity is mandatory in any case.

Caprio believes that if it had been different, a soulless automaton could have been put in court, which issued a verdict: “Guilty, innocent.” Frank openly says that it is better to err in favor of a person than the authorities. His formal decision on the case of an ordinary person can break him, and the judge considers this unacceptable for a representative of the law in any case. The success of the transfer from the sessions of Judge Caprio shows the demand for people to see the state with a human face.

Not only Americans, but also viewers from different continents feel this in their hearts. Compassion and understanding are extremely rare in the capitalist world. They are especially striking where the severity of the law usually reigns, selectively merciless to people of low social status. But I still want to ask you a question, and do you think Caprio’s verdict is correct, it’s still a controversial decision.

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