A 27-year-old mother of 8 children shares her chaotic evening routine!

Almost every woman complains about how hard it is for her with a child. To have a second is considered a feat. All the forces are spent on education and endless chores. Postpartum depression strikes a blow to the relationship with the spouse. Lack of sleep, constant stay in four walls, health problems – this list is endless.

But many discontents will easily go away after watching this story. This family is well known outside of Australia. Chloe Dunstan gave birth to Cosmo and Sylvie last year. By this time, the parents already had six children. The firstborn of Rohan and Chloe was Evan, he is eight, Otto is a year younger, Felix (6 years old) was born the third. Triplets Hank, Pearl and Rufus are five.

It should be noted that all babies were conceived naturally. For many young women, she is a real heroine, and some simply do not believe what they have seen. Our mom is full of energy and optimism. Twenty-seven-year-old Chloe is ready to help everyone who does not have enough time and energy for their continuation. The Australian became a mother at nineteen.

The Internet considers her a superwoman. She created a YouTube page and shares her experience with the whole planet. Online popularity is growing exponentially. The couple willingly answers questions, because a big family is the need to properly distribute responsibilities, keep a strict schedule, and have time to do a lot of things.

Chloe admits that the most difficult period of the day is the evening closer to 17:00. Already at this time, the preparation for bed begins. In many ordinary families, this process can be compared to a battle. Note that by local standards, this is not too early. The Australian way of life involves an early rise, so five in the evening is already late.

Because of the heat, people get up with the sunrise, the working day ends much earlier than ours. A typical dinner is pasta, vegetables. Cooking does not take too much time, children love such food. In a large family, appetite is always better, no one needs to be begged to eat a spoon for grandma. This hostess has a lot of quick recipes, the signature dish is creamy pasta with zucchini and tomatoes.

Before dinner, the kids sleep, the older ones at this time clean the playroom, learn lessons, help mom with the housework. At six in the evening, the kids have dinner with an appetite. Chloe admits that she and Rohan rarely get to have lunch with the guys. There are days when spouses can enjoy dinner only after their offspring fall asleep. After eating, everyone goes to the shower, brush their teeth and change into pajamas.

There is no TV in their house, mom entertains her children with reading books, fairy tales. There are more than a thousand publications in her library, a lot of them came from her grandmother. The mother of eight children admits that there is less routine work every day. Experience appears, some troubles disappear. Growing up triplets no longer need to be dressed – they themselves do a lot easily.

The sons try to help their sisters and parents. Chloe’s key advice is not to try to copy the family way of life and the life of someone else’s family. Mom and dad have to think everything out on their own, develop a personal strategy, make a schedule of games and choose the time for the store. After all, there are no two identical conditions, financial situation, health status.

We just need to take into account unique life hacks and ideas. Recently, a mother with many children gave an interview to the Daily Mail Australia. It turned out to be interesting that the children are happy to wait for the replenishment of the family. Chloe is still holding an intrigue and does not declare that they will not have a ninth child.

Life is long, anything can still happen. The whole family way of life, a detailed schedule of the day is set out on YouTube. She doesn’t hesitate to talk about a lot. Viewers leave comments, get answers and sensible suggestions from mom. Only a few of our young women will want to be in Chloe’s place.

Not everyone has health for childbirth, many are deprived of full-fledged prosperity. And the percentage of divorces is simply catastrophic. But despite everything, Chloe, by her example, shows that a big family is not such a bad idea. And what can you say about this?

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