A 5-year-old child tells his mother that he has a twin at school, she cries when she sees their photos

Children look at the world differently than adults. Sometimes their purity and spontaneity can truly touch even the most callous heart. This story took place in the American city of Foley, located in Alabama. Britney Tankersley and her husband have 3 children. At the school where her children studied, a Day of Doubles was held every year.

This unusual event assumes that the child finds the most similar student to him. Britney Miles’ daughter was supposed to take part in the Day of the double. The girl told her mother that she would need clothes for this holiday. At school, the children were offered not only to find a double for the event, but also to come to classes in the same clothes.

But suddenly Britney’s son Miles also wanted to take part in the celebration. A 5-year-old child has not yet gone to school, but attended kindergarten with her. After hearing about the Doppelganger Day, Miles also wanted to participate in it. Britney was not very happy with what was happening, as she had to find clothes for her son and his “twin” at the last moment.

The boy informed his mother about his desire late in the evening on the eve of the event itself. But Miles definitely had to take part in the celebration! The child repeated to his mother how much they looked like another boy! “Mom, we have the same brown eyes, dark hair” – Miles kept up with Britney, he really wanted to take part in the Day of doubles.

Mom could only sigh heavily and start looking for clothes for children. Britney didn’t know the size of the other Tanner boy, so she had to call the child’s teacher. They could not provide her with the phone number of the mother of her son’s “double”. As a result, Britney was still able to get through to the woman, having received the necessary information from other parents.

This information was given to her very difficult! Britney had to call almost all the familiar parents from kindergarten! But in the end, Tanner’s mom was not against her son taking part in the event and wearing the same clothes as Miles, so she gave all the necessary data about the boy’s size.

And so Britney had to go to a clothing store late at night to pick up suitable new clothes for children. In the morning, happy Miles put on a beautiful plaid shirt, and hid the second one in a backpack for a friend. Britney was insanely interested in what her son’s double looks like, about whom she had already heard so much.

The woman called the teacher and asked her to send a photo of the boys in the same clothes. But the picture that Britney received turned out to be a big surprise for her! When a woman saw a photo of her son’s “twin”, she just couldn’t hold back her tears! It turned out that five-year-old Miles considered his double… a dark-skinned boy!

The child simply did not pay attention to such trifles! It didn’t matter to him that his friend had a different skin color! To Miles, they really were doppelgangers! Britney posted a photo with her son and his “twin” on a social network, writing a touching message:

“I just melted. Yes, children are very different, but Miles doesn’t see it. Can you imagine how beautiful our world would be if we all looked at it like these five-year-old boys?”. The photo has gained huge popularity on social networks. Britney says she never wanted to be the center of attention, but just couldn’t help but share this picture!

She is very glad that the photo caused such a storm of positive emotions, because it raises a very important topic. Children look with clear eyes, do not pay attention to stereotypes. They do not divide people into races and nationalities, they just feel who is a good person and who is not. It would be great if each of us looked at the world the same way.

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