A cat invades a fashion show and teaches models how to walk on the catwalk!

Unexpected events and a slight scandal have a very positive effect on the fashion world. This was once again proved by the case that occurred in the capital of Turkey, Istanbul. The frames from the collection show this time were viewed by many of those who are far from being passionate about new styles and modern clothing trends. And it all started ordinary and everyday for the fashion world. A cozy hall was rented in the Emaar Square shopping center to show the new collection of a rising fashion star – Hakki Ali Hexen.

The show was prepared under the auspices of two model houses – Turkish VAKKO and Esmod International Fashion from France with a representative office in Turkey. The hall with the podium was packed to the brim with spectators. The implementation of new ideas in design was promised and everyone was looking forward to it. There were a lot of photographers, many of whom were located in the front rows right on the floor. After a few minutes of the show, an ordinary yard cat of inconspicuous coloring, clearly young and not afraid of noise, came out on the podium after the mannequins.

He walked a couple of steps, sat down and without a twinge of conscience decided to make himself a toilet of the intimate zone. Fortunately, he was scared away from indecent actions in full view of everyone by a mannequin coming out at that time. While the girls were completing the next circle, the cat importantly walked to the middle of the brightly lit space and sat down in the middle. Laughter rang out in the hall, and many cameras turned towards the animal. The models “kept their faces” and formation, calmly walking along a given route.

Sometimes they had to step over the cat or dodge his tenacious paws, which tried to catch the “hangers” on clothes. While the models were finishing the next round, the cat walked along the podium a full cycle of steps and went out “to the people”. The pompous faces of the judges, the strict profiles of critics and other officials began to blur into unplanned smiles. Many of them called the cat and stroked the brave animal with pleasure.

Some even tried to treat them with the goodies that turned up. Photographers tirelessly snapped cameras, dividing the shots between the collection and the animal. Given the universal love for cats in Turkey, everyone sincerely liked the unplanned exit of the “tailed model”. I must say that her color was very in harmony with many colors of outfits. No less than the audience, the cat entertained the models. Some of them even allowed themselves to smile, but with their eyes, so as not to disturb the photographers’ official pictures from the show.

None of the organizers even tried to drive the animal away, and for good reason. Kotofey perfectly melted the atmosphere of officialdom and set up the audience in a positive way. The journalists even asked the chief fashion designer of the exhibition a joking question whether the cat who invaded the fashion show and taught his models how to walk on the catwalk, and make a career in a fashion house herself? To which the couturier laughed and replied that he would definitely think about this question. Most of the media wrote about the show.

Each of them in one way or another included photos of the animal in their reports. Some videos were posted on Instagram. Here they were seen even by those who are not interested in the fashion world at all. As a result, an unexpected case actively worked to increase the designer’s fame, for which he should have treated the cat to a delicious lunch! By chance or naturally, but where animals appear, human life becomes better and kinder. We look at those who have no evil and get rid of aggression and distrust ourselves.

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