A curious gorilla looks at the child with love, what she does next has touched many.

There is much more in common between people and animals than it seems. We are able to empathize, help our fellow human beings, and also treat our offspring with care and love. This touching story took place at the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston. Emily Austin from the US state of Maine decided to visit the institution.

A woman came to the zoo with her very young child. She decided to show the five-month-old Canyon interesting animals. It is unlikely that the kid understood what was happening, but it is still important to introduce children to other inhabitants of our planet from early childhood, to tell them how diverse life on Earth is. Emily wanted to visit the gorilla exhibit.

The woman loved these big intelligent animals, which in their habits are in many ways similar to humans. Monkeys are the largest order of primates. The growth of individual plants reaches 1.6 meters. Gorillas differ in rather complex behavior, they are easily trained, show remarkable intelligence for animals.

When Emily appeared at the exhibition, one of the female monkeys became interested in the woman. Or rather, not quite by it, but by a small Canyon. A gorilla named Kiki carefully studied the baby through the glass at a certain distance. Emily saw the female’s interest in her child, so she decided to bring it closer to the transparent fence.

The woman showed the sleeping baby: “Look, this is my baby.” Emily really wanted Kiki to come closer. The gorilla did just that! The monkey pressed close to the glass, and then began to look lovingly at the sleeping Canyon! It was obvious that the gorilla was not only curious, but also watching the peacefully snuffling toddler with great tenderness.

This behavior of the animal was really cute, but what happened next amazed everyone who watched this scene! Kiki pressed her finger against the glass as if she wanted to touch a child. This gesture attracted the attention of everyone who was at the gorilla exhibit at that moment.

Emily says that for a few minutes Kiki lovingly watched the baby, who was sleeping peacefully. The woman felt that some amazing connection had formed between her and the animal. It was as if they understood each other, felt the same. Of course, any mother adores her child, she will quickly get attached to someone who feels the same emotions for her baby.

Even if it’s a gorilla! But in fact, Emily’s feelings had a basis. This became clear after Kiki crawled away from the glass, after which she returned back to the woman and child, but not alone. The gorilla brought her own baby with her! She wanted to show Emily her baby! Kiki gave birth to Pablo a few months ago, whom she loved very much!

And she also wanted to show off the baby to Emily. After all, no one will understand one mother better than another! After that, it became quite obvious that Emily and Kiki really have a close relationship, because they both recently gave birth! Emily was insanely moved by Kiki’s behavior, however, as were the rest of the zoo visitors.

The gorilla brought her baby to the glass with such tenderness that it just couldn’t help but melt even the most stony heart! So two moms, a woman and a gorilla, shared a real moment of unconditional love! Others were incredibly lucky to be present at such an incredible event. All zoo visitors will surely remember such exciting moments forever.

Interestingly, this event happened on the eve of Mother’s Day. Emily confesses: “So many people stopped us to say it was the most beautiful thing they had ever seen. And it was so touching, really. You could literally feel these emotions in the air.” Indeed, there is nothing more beautiful in the world than maternal love, this is what unites literally all living things on our planet.

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