A dirty homeless-looking girl came into the store. She asked me to buy her soap…

Fate is unpredictable and can turn to any person with an unexpected side. Not knowing the situation, you should not turn away from a person just because he lives on the street and looks bad. The story I’m going to tell has been going around the web since 2016, the names of the characters are fictitious, but I think this really happened. Galina Stepanovna lived in a small town in the Ivanovo region. She was a simple woman, but remarkable. That is, she noticed everything that was happening around her.

Among the new network monsters, there are small private shops in some places in the town. They were serviced in the old–fashioned way – the seller gave out everything behind his back to the counter. It was not very convenient, but the prices were pleasing cheapness, and buyers always came. The woman came into the shop because it was open until almost midnight, and she had time to buy all the food after work. One late evening, she ran into an unexpected person in the store. A girl with an unexpectedly untidy appearance came up to the counter in front of her.

Galina was surprised that at such a young age it was possible to launch herself like that, but stood next to her, waiting for the customer to leave. The girl counted the pennies, then pointed to the flower soap and asked the seller for it. She shook her head. This soap cost 32 rubles, and the girl only had enough for household. Galina decided that a tenner could be added. The girl took the soap, thanked him and walked away. The woman began to order her products, looking out of the corner of her eye at the customer who interested her.

She went towards the door, but, apparently, attracted by the smells from the window, she hung for a couple of minutes. Then, as if waking up, she quickly left the store. The woman even thought for a minute that the girl was preparing to grab a bun from the window, but pulled her hand away. Galina was surprised, and a kind of aching feeling of pity was born in her chest. She quickly paid for her purchases and left the store. In the darkness, a departing silhouette could be seen heading towards the city river. “Where is she going at night?” – Galina was surprised, and, not expecting this from herself, she called out to the girl.

They sat down on a bench. The woman offered the interlocutor a bun that she bought for breakfast. The girl “ate” her instantly. It was clear that she had not eaten for a long time. After the meal, wiping her tears, she began to tell her story. Her name is Nastya. She’s from Ivanovo. She lived there with her mother. I didn’t know my father at all. I came to this city with a guy. Her mother didn’t want her to go with him, but she fell in love and gave up everything. 3 months have passed, and he just put her out on the street. Nastya called her mother, but she told her daughter to stay with her love, since she did not need a mother.

Then Nastya did not go home, but began to wander the streets. And now the hair has become quite terrible, and the girl wanted to wash it at least in the river while it’s dark outside. Galina was horrified by the story. She invited the homeless woman home, gave her a towel and sent her to the bathroom. While Nastya was washing, she went to the trash with her dirty clothes and picked up her own, old, but clean. Having warmed up and eaten, the girl fell asleep. When she disconnected, Galina called her friends. One of my friends worked as a commandant in a hostel.

She agreed to let the girl in for 1 month for free. With the condition that she will pay when she gets a job. A former classmate said that he needed a cleaner in the store. If the girl goes, he agrees. In the morning Galina told Nastya everything. She was crying with joy. And she left, taking the addresses of the store and the hostel. Galina also gave the girl some money. After 2 months, Alexey, the same former classmate, called. He said he was very pleased, the girl turned out to be smart and now works for him as a cashier.

Galina wanted to look at Nastya herself. Behind the cash register, she saw a gorgeous, prettier girl with sparkling eyes. The new life was clearly doing her good. When she saw Galina, she threw her arms around her neck. The girl said that everything was fine with her and a young man appeared. Nastya also apologized and ran into the back room and brought the money that a compassionate woman had once given her. At the end of the conversation, the girl asked if Galina was free on Saturday evening, after receiving an affirmative answer, she just smiled and said “I will have a surprise for you.”

A couple of days later, Nastya called Galina and invited her to the theater, she bought tickets for the best seats herself, the girl wanted to somehow thank her savior. In the future, women began to communicate more often, and one day Nastya said that in the end she reconciled with her mother, it turned out she came and looked for her, but it was not just because the mother did not know the girl’s new number. Already desperate, she went to the grocery store for a bottle of water, where she met her daughter. Feel free to help people in any situation, even those who find themselves on the street and look unpleasant. It may cost you very little, but it will save a person’s life and health.

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