A father buries a mentally ill son. A few days later, he receives a creepy call.

Any parents dream that their child is safe, alive and well, regardless of age. A sad but interesting story happened in California, where the father of a missing man had to go through the most terrible days. The 82-year-old Frank Kerrigan’s life could not be called easy. His adult son suffered from a mental illness and in moments of aggravation tried to wander.

One day the police called the man and reported that Frank Jr. had been found dead. At that time, he had already been absent for several days and did not appear at home. Family members were sure that he had gone to live on the street again, so they methodically searched the locations of the homeless. A 57-year-old man was found behind a shopping center under construction.

The father asked the caller if he should undergo the identification procedure, to which he received a negative answer. The identity of the deceased was confirmed by fingerprint examination – by fingerprints. The inconsolable father had to accept the sad reality and organize the funeral. The lavish ceremony cost him 20 thousand dollars, Frank Jr. was buried next to his mother, Catherine Kerrigan.

But what happened next shocked everyone close to Frank Jr. 11 days after the burial, a friend, Bill Shinker, allowed the father of the deceased. The news shocked the elderly man: he said that Frank Jr. was alive and doing his usual thing – wandering. There was no reason not to believe my friend – he came to the funeral and was aware of the latest events.

The emotions of the father at that moment are indescribable: they contained everything from insane joy, ending with anger at the police and the prosecutor’s office. The euphoria came after Kerrigan was able to personally talk to his child on the phone. After a while, Frank Sr. began to recall past events.

A few mistakes provoked confusion and confusion: the bag with his son’s personal belongings was the wrong color, blue, not black; it lacked any watches and writing materials. A monstrous mistake arose due to an error in fingerprints. How it could have happened is unknown, perhaps it was a banal glitch in a computer program.

Fingerprint examination involves taking fingerprints from fingers and then checking them with the available data in the computer. Due to problems with the operation of the equipment, an error crept in and the body was identified as Kerrigan Frank Jr. As a result of a superficial investigation into the death of an outsider, a check was carried out that identified those responsible for the incident.

The Kerrigan family, who survived the loss, funeral, and after the miraculous resurrection of their son and brother, filed a complaint against the work of those responsible. Frank’s younger sister told reporters in an interview. No one should experience the realization of the death of a loved one, and then fall into shock because of his sudden appearance.

As a result, the family was forced to complain about the violation of Frank Jr.’s civil rights due to an improperly conducted investigation. The question was that the identification number of the deceased indicated in the passport is automatically sent to the archive. It is individual and cannot be used for a second time.

After the proceedings and the restoration of documents, they avoid communicating with the newspaper and try to constantly monitor all the movements of the older child. The state of shock from the sad news related to the death of a loved one prevents rational thinking. If the Kerrigans had initially demanded a body identification procedure, then the whole story would have ended in the forensic medical examination department.

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