A goose saves a homeless puppy from the cold by warming it under its wings!

Our smaller brothers are capable of experiencing empathy, compassion, and caring. They can be friends not only with representatives of their own species, but also with other animals. The photo, which has gone viral on the Internet, captures an amazing moment. I don’t think you’ve ever seen anything like this! We know that dogs get attached to their owners, or cows are quite friendly with other animals, but for a goose to take care of a puppy!

It’s just amazing! Just look at how the bird carefully shelters the unfortunate baby! She is clearly not going to give her ward offense! But how was this photo taken? Who is depicted on it? According to one version, severe frosts hit North America in 2019. On the street of one of the cities, a passerby noticed an unusual couple: a goose was protecting a small homeless puppy from the cold.

In a post by Suzanne Padapenta, published on one of the social networks, it was written that the case took place in Montana. The photo was signed as follows: “The goose covered the puppy with her wings, which is about to freeze. We as a species have a lot to learn.” Obviously, the goose really saves the baby from a cold death.

It seems that the bird’s maternal instincts have awakened, which did not allow her to pass by the unfortunate puppy. Few details of this story are known. Some sources say that the puppy was immediately taken into the family, he no longer needs to wander the streets. However, there is a version on the Internet that the original photo appeared not in 2019, but two years earlier. And in a completely different country.

Users claimed to have seen the post back in 2017 in Chinese social networks. networks, and the action in the photo takes place in China. It’s more like the truth, it’s hard to imagine that in the USA there was a homeless goose and a puppy on the street. But for China, such a picture is more familiar. And by the way, there are also colds there. After all, it is not known exactly where the photo was taken, but what is captured on it is just fine!

The way the goose protects the unfortunate puppy cannot but cause emotion. And the baby is so tired, he is so scared that he completely trusted the big and warm bird. It will warm, protect, and not betray. Finally, a homeless kid who is constantly fighting for life can relax under the wing of a loyal friend. By the way, friendship between dogs and birds is not uncommon.

If a puppy grows up with birds, then they can get along very well. Sometimes friendship is also possible between adults. A striking example is the pelican Osman from Turkey, who became famous on the Internet for becoming a friend for a dog. The origin of the photo remains unclear, but this is not important. A surprisingly touching moment got into the frame, which can teach us a lot.

It is necessary to help the weak, to protect those who need it. Even animals do this, but we are human beings, there should be more kindness and compassion in us. Let’s not pass by someone else’s misfortune, maybe our world will become at least a little better from this.

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