A homeless man arranged a holiday for his dog, after that his life changed.

Pets improve our mood, help us maintain mental balance. But it happens that a cat or a dog is almost the only thing that a person has… Choco Jose Luis Matos is a homeless man from the Colombian city of Bucaramange. The man’s life was very difficult, because he had to survive on the street. But Choco tried his best to hold on, because he had a family – two dogs.

They went through fire and water together, shared equally the little food they could get. The dogs morally supported Choco in his difficult life, perhaps they did not let him sink to the bottom. After all, the life of homeless people often ends with the fact that they become drug addicts or alcoholics, finally lose their human appearance. Choco lived on the street, not expecting a better fate for himself and his pets. But one day everything changed…

That evening, Choco decided to give his pets a real holiday! The thing is that his favorite Shaggy had a birthday! Choco comfortably settled down with the birthday girl and another dog – Nena – on a large staircase in a local park on the city square. Choco prepared treats for his pets, even found festive hats somewhere, which he put on the dogs’ heads. When everything was ready for the start of the celebration, the Colombian inserts candles into the cake and begins to congratulate Shaggy!

The man blows out the candles, then hugs his mutts! After that, Choco begins to cut the cake and treat the pets with it. The man also started eating. He got so emotional that he even started sobbing and wiping his tears. It was so touching and cute that it simply could not leave anyone indifferent who would see this scene. And such a person was found! Choco didn’t know that a cute celebration of a dog’s birthday was seen and filmed by a Colombian passing by.

He was insanely glad that he was able to capture such a precious moment. The man approached Choco and asked him for permission to post the video on a social network. Two strangers got into conversation, a homeless man told his sad story. He ran away from home a few years ago, and has been surviving on the street ever since. Shaggy and Nena were almost the only things that helped him to hold on and not despair. Dogs loved their owner by anyone, even so unhappy and without a roof over their heads.

Choco, on the other hand, tried to provide his pets with everything they needed, sharing the last loaf of bread with them. The Colombian who filmed the touching video posted it on a social network, not expecting a special result. But what happened after that was just incredible! The publication has become very popular. Hundreds of people came to the park to take pictures with Choco and his dogs. The story was read by a man who decided to give the Colombian a phone.

This allowed Choco to create his own page on the social network, which immediately became popular. But people didn’t just come to take pictures. Someone helped Choco with money, someone with clothes and even work. In the end, the man managed to rent a house, provide himself and his dogs with a better life. I must say that his popular page on the social network also brings income.

In one of the stories, Choco said that the very video that made him famous was shot on Shaggy’s 4th birthday. He also admitted that thanks to his dogs, he never felt lonely. It is so important that there are those who will support us in a difficult moment, lend a shoulder or lend a helping hand. So just one video of a random passerby could change the life of a guy and his pets.

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