A homeless man robbed a bank for $1, he wanted to go to jail and that’s why…

The unavailability of quality medicine in the United States for most ordinary people is a generally recognized fact. The lack of medical insurance can put an end not only to treatment, but also to the patient’s life. But there is another frightening trend. The case that happened in North Carolina has already been repeated with other people more than once. Richard James Veron worked at the Coca-Cola factory for 17 years by the age of 59, but with the loss of health he was fired even without severance pay.

After that, he worked as a truck driver, then worked as a salesman in a convenience store. When his health finally began to fail, he was fired from there. Savings were melting like water. Most of the money went to treatment and rent an apartment. He hoped to receive social benefits, but the man was refused. All Richard could achieve was food stamps. From month to month he tried to get a job, but without success. No one took a man with two torn vertebral discs and desperately limping on his left leg.

When his chest swelled and every movement began to cause incredible pain, the man realized that he needed to do something to not die. Veron had no medical insurance, so he decided to take a desperate step, which he had calculated in advance. The man sold all the furniture, paid for the rent of the apartment and wrote the necessary note in advance. Then he took a taxi to get closer to the center of his city of Gastonia. There Richard asked to stop at the first bank he came across, which turned out to be RBC Bank.

Inside, he approached the cashier and handed him a note. It read: “This is a robbery. Please give me only 1 dollar.”. After that, he sat down on a chair and waited for the police to arrive. The man was really taken away. Veron calculated that he would be convicted of bank robbery, and he would spend at least 3 years in prison. During this time, he will be able to have surgery on his spine, heal his leg and find out that he has such a terrible pain in his chest. In North Carolina, prisoners really only pay $5-7 for any visits to doctors and solving acute problems.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons is very serious about ensuring that prisoners receive any, even the most qualified medical care. With serious problems, they can get into medical centers, even world-class ones, almost for free. At the same time, all medicines are given free of charge. And although prisons are trying to somehow “reduce the medical appetites” of prisoners, the supervisory authorities are very carefully monitoring the implementation of prescriptions.

In case of unjustified refusal to provide any medical care to a prisoner, the prison may lose funding. Therefore, the situation remains the same. After his arrest, Veron immediately began receiving medical care. The doctors treating him accuse the man of breaking the law specifically to be treated for free. But he doesn’t deny it. The only problem for Verona right now is that since this is his first crime, the court may limit the sentence to 1 year.

Then he may not have time to do the operation. But the man is determined and said that in this case he will relapse in order to sit down already guaranteed for the right number of years. According to the law, Richard will start receiving social benefits from the age of 62. Therefore, if he stays in prison for 3 years, he will heal well and will have a guaranteed benefit. A seemingly meaningless offense can really save not only well-being, but also a person’s life.

The system of the US healthcare organization is built in such a way that the country’s leadership should have thought about it for a long time. The wave of crime can overwhelm the country not only because of protest sentiments. Many will seek to go to prison in order to simply escape from hunger and get treated. And what do you think about all this, how are things with medical services in your city.

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