A janitor QUIT his job after seeing a homeless woman. The unexpected reaction was recorded by the camera

We live in a time when real kindness becomes a rarity. That’s why it seems so amazing when one person shows real sympathy for another! This story was shared on their social networks by the owners of the Dave and Charlie’s Hometown Deli from the American city of Norwalk in Connecticut.

Dave Cuban and Carlos Gonzalez were preparing for the opening, but suddenly their attention was attracted by what was happening on the street. They saw the janitor leave his job to do something very unusual. The man performed his direct duties, cleaning the street. But he saw something that did not allow him to continue his occupation calmly. The cleaner was attracted by a woman.

No, he wasn’t trying to get to know her, it was completely different. The janitor noticed a homeless woman who was on the other side of the street. It was obvious that she wasn’t feeling well. The man could not continue to do his job, just indifferently pass by someone else’s grief. He crossed the road and approached the woman.

They talked for a while, after which the janitor did something that amazed everyone who watched the scene. He hugged a stranger! It was a clear gesture of sympathy, he was trying to calm a homeless woman. Dave and Carlos watched as the hard worker hugged the stranger for a long time while she told him her story. But the man didn’t just listen to the woman!

After she finished her story, he folded his hands in a prayer gesture, and then gave her money! Watching this situation was very touching. Nowadays, we so often indifferently pass by someone else’s grief that someone’s effective sympathy seems strange and unusual!

By the way, the janitor did not know that someone was watching this scene. But the owners of the diner from a small American town described this case in detail, even took a few photos. Dave Cuban and Carlos Gonzalez posted the story on their Facebook page. Interestingly, their post has become very popular!

It would seem that this is such a simple story when one person selflessly helps another! But it quickly went viral! It looks like we really missed real kindness. That only leaves one question: if there is a request for such behavior in society, why do we so rarely find ourselves in the place of this caring guy?

What prevents us from behaving in this way with others? The publication aroused great interest among the public. Many began to express their respect and support for the nameless cleaner, who did not stay away from someone else’s misfortune. Users wanted to know the name of the hero. The authors of the post decided to find an unknown cleaner.

“We wanted to show the person that we appreciate his act. The world needs it these days.” And the owners of the diner managed to find out the name of the man who paid attention to the stranger, showed his sympathy, helped her with money. It turned out that the hard worker’s name was Mike Nance, he worked for a local garbage collection company.

The story caused such a response from the public that the man was even interviewed by a local news agency! Mike turned out to be a kind and open guy, unable to pass by someone else’s grief. He said that he could not calmly look at the homeless who wander through the streets with all their simple belongings.

The man noted that he will always help the person who needs it. He also added: “I’m a janitor. We care about society. I love Norwalk. I’m from Norwalk. I was born here. So if I can help, I will.” Mike noted that he did not consider his act anything special at all. It seems to a man that anyone would do this in his place.

When journalists asked Mike how he felt about the sudden fame that had fallen on him, he replied that he did not know how to cope with it. An ordinary hard worker is not used to close attention, so he does not really understand what to do with him. This story once again shows how important it is to be more attentive and kind to others. After all, in fact it is not difficult at all!

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