A man fell in love with a girl, but found out that she was pregnant. Then he does what everyone condemns him for

We all want to meet our true love. But sometimes this joyful event happens at a very unexpected and seemingly completely inopportune time… This story happened with Caroline Oliveira and Edgar Costa. The girl went through a difficult abusive relationship that caused her serious trauma.

Caroline painfully broke up with her boyfriend, but soon she got tired of grieving. The girl decided that she would definitely meet a man who would accept and love her for who she is. Caroline really wanted to have a strong family, a faithful husband. In an interview with a Brazilian magazine , the beauty said:

“I’m tired of being used and hurt in past relationships. I’m tired of men who disrespected me, betrayed me. I asked God to let someone into my life who would treat me like a woman, respect me and pursue the same goals as me, namely, the creation of a strong family.”

And the universe heard the girl! It wasn’t long after the breakup with the abuser that Caroline met Edgar. The man was handsome not only externally, but also internally. He treated her well, and most importantly, he also wanted a stable long-term relationship!

The couple started dating a week after they met. The man and the woman immediately felt the strong bond that was between them. They had the same views on life, common goals. They found in each other what they had been unsuccessfully looking for in other partners all their lives! But there was one but…

Caroline knew she had met the man of her life. But this event happened so quickly, because it was only a week after parting with the previous guy. As a result, Caroline was waiting for a very unexpected surprise that could confuse all the girl’s plans for a happy life with Edgar.

The fact is that the Brazilian woman found out that she was pregnant from her past boyfriend! The girl had a real shock when she saw two strips on the test! They had been dating Edgar for less than a month when Caroline realized she was expecting a baby! How do I tell a new guy about this shocking news? And most importantly – how will Edgar react to the pregnancy of his girlfriend from another guy?

Caroline was insanely worried, she just didn’t know how to break the unexpected news! The girl understood that the man of her dreams might well want to part with her! And this is after the Brazilian woman finally met her true love! In the end, Caroline still told the stunned Edgar the news about the pregnancy.

The man’s reaction greatly surprised not only the girl, but also numerous friends and relatives of the Brazilian… At first, 27-year-old Edgar was very surprised, but then he decided to help his beloved raise the baby, even if the child was not from him. This act can be safely called truly masculine!

Here’s what Edgar says about his reaction to the news about the girl’s pregnancy: “Wow, what a shock! God, am I really going to become a father?”. Edgar really loved Caroline, so a child from another could not interfere with his plans to connect life with her. The man decided to share the amazing news on his social network.

That’s just not all friends supported the Brazilian’s decision! They began to condemn him! Most of the negative comments were left by men. Even close friends and relatives dissuaded Edgar from a relationship with Caroline!

However, the criticism did not change the Brazilian’s decision, the man still wanted to start a family with his girlfriend! Edgar helped his beloved in everything during her pregnancy, and then was happy to become a father to the newborn Lara. In an interview with one of the Brazilian tabloids , Edgar said:

“I am in love with these two women and I will do everything in my power for them” Caroline is insanely grateful to her man for his support, for the fact that he was with her in time, did not leave when he found out about the pregnancy.

Surprisingly, Edgar was even present at Lara’s birth! This story is an example of true unconditional love, when we fully accept our partner with all his problems and peculiarities, help and support in difficult times.

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