A man found this baby alone on a bench. After 10 years, something amazing happened

There has been a story on the Web for a long time, which many will find implausible. But we remember that in fact, life spins such “plots” that any director can “rest”. Watch until the end it will be interesting. Ivan was returning from the night shift, extremely tired. I wanted to come and stretch out on the bed, falling into a deep sleep. The work was hard, but apart from the mine, it was not possible to get a job after being released from the colony.

He was even luckier than many – the guy was taken to a rented apartment by a team of shift workers. In his position as a local and without an apartment, otherwise one could only hope for a trailer next to work. To take a shortcut, he turned through the park, hoping to get to the entrance faster. He saw a large bundle on the bench ahead. Coming closer, the guy was taken aback. Wrapped in some kind of cloth or blanket, a child was lying in front of him.

Ivan stopped in deep confusion. The body was asking for sleep. The soul shuddered from the fact that, perhaps, the child had lain in the park for many hours in late autumn. Caution warned him not to get involved in this story with his criminal record. Finally, the young man decided. Dragging a small child into an apartment where 15 men lived was unthinkable.

Therefore, he hugged the baby to himself and walked towards the two-story house, which he often passed by. There was an orphanage there. Ivan explained the situation. The child turned out to be a girl. The receiving nurse said: “There is no note from Mom. And let’s call her Irina Ivanovna.” “Well, let it be so,” Ivan smiled. From this case, the man often began to think about his life. He had no relatives left, but somehow he wanted warmth and comfort. Ivan often remembered his foundling and even called the orphanage sometimes.

When Irishka grew up, he began to come to visit her with gifts. Every time they met, the little girl handed the man drawings where dad and mom were together with the girl. A new employee of the orphanage, about the same age as Ivan, noticed the kind attitude of the man to the little girl. She herself was a former pupil of this institution and understood how important family is to a child. But Svetlana also understood that the girl would never be given to a lonely man. The woman decided to help two important people for her.

After all, Ivan, who liked her, it turns out, had been visiting the named daughter for 10 years! Irochka was really waiting for her dad to take her home. And the man had been paying money for an apartment on a mortgage for 5 years, since the earnings of the master at the mine were much higher than those of a utility worker. But the absence of family made the situation hopeless! Svetlana and Ivan had a heart-to-heart talk. They decided that they treat each other well enough to officially register the relationship and fulfill Irishkin’s dream!

They completed all the documents, furnished the girl’s room and went to the orphanage. The little girl rushed to Ivan’s neck, then hugged Svetlana. She noticed that today her dad was all beaming with joy. He squatted down in front of his daughter and quietly said: “Irochka, pack your things. You’re going home! And we are waiting for you.” So the bright dream of a child, whom a man found alone on a bench, came true – after 10 years, the miracle of finding a real family happened.

About whether Ivan and Svetlana remained together, “history is silent.” But, most likely, yes. After all, they were united by the joy of kindness and happiness given to a little man. The earth will not be impoverished by such or similar stories. After all, our people are kind and bright, capable of great deeds.

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