A millionaire accidentally found out that his only daughter lives in an old trailer with twins…

Sometimes people from the past come back into our lives, whom we don’t want to see at all. But this does not mean that such meetings cannot end very unexpectedly and very happily! Alex is the owner of a multimillion-dollar fortune from the USA. The man lived alone in his luxurious mansion in Malibu, had almost no friends. Alex devoted all his time to building a successful business, there was simply no strength and desire for the rest.

The man had no family, his ex-wife Courtney left her husband before he became successful. Everything would be fine, but the woman took with her daughter Eva, whom Alex loved very much. At first, the man contacted the girl, sent her letters and gifts, but after a while Courtney moved without leaving a new address! Since then, the man did not know anything about his daughter, although he tried to find her. Immediately after his wife left, Alex’s business went up the hill.

He opened his own business, and succeeded greatly in business. Alex took the risk to invest the money he borrowed in a startup, in the success of which no one believed. He worked day and night, without being distracted by anything. Labor helped the man overcome what had happened. And Alex quickly earned millions of dollars! The man often thought about his girl, in whom he doted. Alex’s condition allowed him to hire the best detectives, but they didn’t find out anything.

The woman and the girl just disappeared! And Alex did not start a new family, fearing a repeat of the past trauma. He just stopped believing women. That’s how his life went: casual relationships, work, thoughts about his daughter. But one day everything changed… Alex was wearily watching TV after work when suddenly the name of the heroine of the story caught his attention. It was his daughter’s namesake!

The plot told about an unhappy girl who lives in a trailer with twins, barely making ends meet. And she was very similar to his Eve! Yes, it was his daughter! The man didn’t understand anything! After all, Courtney has always been a good mother, she would not allow her daughter and grandchildren to live in poverty. How did this happen? The report indicated an account to which journalists were asked to send money for a single mother living in difficult conditions.

Alex immediately contacted a television company in which he had many connections. A friend gave him Eva’s address. His daughter, whom he had heard about for the first time in many years. In the morning Alex went to Eva’s apartment. His daughter opened the door. She was stunned by such a visit! Eva recognized her father immediately, even though she hadn’t seen him for many years. But the girl was not happy about such a meeting!

Eva immediately began to cry and began to accuse the man that he didn’t care about his daughter. Alex did not expect such a turn at all! After all, he had been thinking about his daughter for many years until he saw her! And it’s been almost 12 years! The last time a man saw his daughter, when she was 8 years old. Eva started shouting at her father that he abandoned her mother, never loved her!

That’s what Courtney told her daughter, even though she herself left her husband. Eva believed for many years that her father had destroyed the family, did not want to raise her. And, of course, Courtney didn’t give her daughter any gifts… Alex started explaining to Eva that he had been looking for her all these years! He said that he sent letters and toys, and then the correspondence began to come back, because the recipient was no longer at the specified address. So the man lost sight of his daughter!

Eva was shocked by what was said, because she was sure that her father had abandoned her! And when the girl was in a deplorable state, she simply had no one to go to! It turned out that Courtney died five years ago when Eva was still a teenager. It was very hard for the girl, the stepfather married another, he didn’t want to know anything about the stepdaughter. And then Eva got pregnant, the guy left the unfortunate penniless. To provide the children with food and clothes, the girl began to sew, and very well.

It turned out that she has a talent for it! But there was only enough money for household expenses and this old trailer. Of course, Alex took his daughter and her twins away from the squalid dwelling. Now the reunited family lives in a luxurious mansion, needing nothing. Eva continues to sew, her outfits are in great demand.

The girl only regrets that she believed her mother, did not try to find her father. And Alex worries that he did not come to the girl in those months when he knew where she lived with her mother. Now father and daughter are catching up, constantly talking, telling each other about the life spent apart, raising twins together.

There is no place for loneliness in Alex’s house anymore! The most incredible stories can happen in life, which could form the basis of a book or a movie. And often events take an unexpected turn completely by accident, as if someone from above wants everything to end well! After all, the daughter and father would never have met if Alex hadn’t been watching TV that night!

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