A millionaire turns to a man digging in a trash can and asks him to get into a luxury car!

One summer morning, an old beggar in a wheelchair was rummaging through a trash can in search of food. He hadn’t eaten since last night, so he was very hungry. While the man was foraging for food in the trash, a luxury car was passing by. The man in the car was clearly a winner in life. It would probably be difficult to imagine two more different men than a beggar and a rich man in a luxury car.

But life is much more complicated and interesting than we can imagine… The beggar man in the wheelchair was named Oliver. A few years ago, his life was completely different. Oliver had a family: a beloved wife and son. But everything went awry when Elena’s wife died. Oliver got drunk, quarreled with his son, started losing his savings. The man quickly fell to the bottom. And now, at the age of 65, he had to look for food in garbage cans…

Oliver tried to find a job, but his addiction to booze prevented him from doing so. The man increasingly went on a binge to get away from the longing that literally ate his soul. Oliver’s money soon ran out, he completely cut off contact with his son. So the man was left all alone and on the street. From that moment, his life as a homeless man began, and it was not sugar at all. But let’s go back to that morning when Oliver was looking for something to have breakfast with.

He watched the luxurious car and sadly continued his sad occupation. In the trash, a man found a half-eaten sandwich, which turned out to be not tasty enough for someone, but helped to satisfy the hunger of a homeless person. But suddenly the same car stopped next to Oliver! The homeless man did not understand at all what was happening! What can such a person need from him? The driver of the car recognized Oliver!

He rolled down the window and greeted the homeless man by calling him by name! A man in a luxurious suit exclaimed, “Oliver! How long have I not seen you! Where have you been for ages!”. The homeless man almost dropped his sandwich from surprise and bewilderment! He was completely stunned, not knowing what to think! But then something even stranger and more amazing happened! A man in an expensive car invited a homeless man to get into a car.

Oliver is unaccustomed to such an attitude, because they do not show compassion to the homeless, and sometimes they simply forget about politeness when they see a shabbily dressed beggar man. But this was a completely different case. Oliver asked the polite rich man: “Do we know each other? Why are you so kind to me?”. The man smiled broadly and replied: “It’s me, Sean! We went to college together, don’t you remember?”. Oliver thought for a moment, and then memories came flooding back.

He remembered that in college he was friends with Sean – an honest, kind and sympathetic guy, whom he respected very much. And so he met him many years later, but in such sad circumstances… Oliver was very embarrassed that an old friend found him in such a position. After all, he was homeless, rummaging through garbage cans in search of food! What could be more humiliating?

Oliver was almost used to his new life, to his sad situation, but he did not want anyone from the past to see him like this. But Sean hastened to reassure his old friend. He took him to a restaurant, where, after a hearty breakfast, his friends began to remember the past. Oliver has always been an athlete, a ladies’ man, a good student. He was Sean’s mentor, always encouraged his friend, helped in all his endeavors.

A few years after college, they began to communicate less, and then completely lost sight of each other. It happens in life. And now, many years later, the old friends met again, albeit in such sad circumstances. Oliver told Sean his sad story, an old friend very empathized with the man. He understood that he simply did not deserve such an old age!

And Sean invited an old friend to come and live in his luxurious mansion. Oliver was in shock, he just couldn’t believe this was happening to him! But the man agreed, after which his life changed dramatically! Sean helped find a friend a job, rented him a place for the first time. So Oliver was able to get back on his feet and return to normal life! So a chance meeting changed everything!

The man was able to help a friend in trouble, because what else are real friends for? He did not pass by the poor man, wincing in disgust, but did everything possible to change the situation. True friendship still exists, it is capable of a lot, even if people have not seen each other for decades!

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