A policeman comforts a 4-year-old child after an accident, hugging him to himself and showing something on his phone

Today we will share with you the touching story of a policeman who blew up the Internet. This case occurred in Ecuador. 35-year-old Officer Ramon Salazar was returning home after a hard shift when he noticed heavy traffic on Simon Bolivar Avenue in Quito. At first he thought it was a police checkpoint, but discovered that it was actually a traffic accident.

He immediately went to the scene to help, chaos reigned on the street, screams and sirens were heard. But one sound caught the policeman’s attention, it was the crying of a child. What the man did after that made him famous in social networks. Trying to calm the baby, he behaved with him as with his son. Neither the boy nor his mother spoke Spanish, but that didn’t stop the policeman from comforting the child.

Salazar took the boy in his arms and pressed him to his chest, then he turned on a video from the children’s cartoon “Puppy Patrol” on his mobile phone, which his son likes the most. After a few minutes, the baby was already calm. Some people, seeing this noble act, took a photo of a policeman with a child. These images soon went viral.

They became so popular that even Maria Paula Romo, minister of the Government of Ecuador, posted this photo on her page and thanked the policeman for being at the scene of the accident and being able to calm the child. The officer himself said that when he arrived at the scene, the boy was crying non-stop. So he tried to calm Dylan down, that was the boy’s name, but he was faced with the problem that the child did not speak Spanish.

Therefore, the man tried to distract him with his phone, which, as we see in the photo, worked. “I did what I would like someone else to do in my place. So I hugged him and just tried to comfort him, I couldn’t hear the child screaming,” the officer said. After the Quito Fire Department and ambulance arrived at the scene and took Dylan’s mother and the boy himself to provide them with proper medical care, policeman Ramon Salazar continued his journey home.

No one would have found out about this case, but social networks did their job, and the policeman received the praise and recognition of many people. Salazar himself has been working in the police for 15 years and teaches at a gymnasium, so he knows firsthand how to find an approach to children. It is always nice to see people who work in their place, especially it is valuable for police officers and medics, because their willingness to help at any time is worthy only of respect, for sure Ramon got a job to help people and he does it perfectly.

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