A pony with long hooves has suffered for years, but now it is unrecognizable…

Pets need love and care, otherwise their fate becomes very sad. Let’s not forget that we are responsible for those who have been tamed. Unfortunately, our younger brothers who are kept on farms and even in homes do not always receive due attention, care and care. We often neglect animals, which can lead to a threat to their lives.

A similar story happened in March 2017 in the city of Neuve in the French region of Picardy. A pony was kept there in terrible conditions, which was rescued by employees of a Belgian animal shelter. Animaux en Peril is inhabited mainly by horses, but there are also cats and dogs there. When the staff of the institution found out about the condition of the Scottish pony, they immediately decided to pick it up.

It’s unclear how it was possible to launch the poor guy like that! The pony was almost unable to move due to the fact that his hooves were simply gigantic! The animal cannot solve this problem on its own, so this task falls on the person who takes care of it. Ponies need to be kept clean, hooves need to be ground regularly. Otherwise, the animal will simply not be able to walk!

This was exactly the case. The hooves of the Scottish pony were so huge that they even twisted into a spiral! It seems that the owners have never undermined them! At the same time, at the time of the rescue, the pony was already about 10 years old! It’s hard to even imagine what torments the poor animal experienced throughout his life! Why get a pony if you’re not going to take care of him?

The animal came to the shelter from the farm where it lived before. The owner of the pony hid it so that others would not know what condition the little horse was in. After all, her appearance is really shocking! However, the pony was still noticed, so he was saved. A family member of the owner of the farm complained about the improper maintenance of animals.

When the local authorities found out about the poor man’s condition, the owner of the horse was forced to transfer his pet to a shelter, which gladly accepted the unfortunate. The owner has been thinking about getting rid of unnecessary animals for a long time. And in the Belgian shelter, which took over the transportation of the pony, the poor guy was really taken care of! Interestingly, another animal was taken away from the negligent owner – a horse.

She, too, was in a terrifying state. Animals urgently needed to cut off too long hooves. And the staff of the shelter did everything quickly and accurately. Animals have suffered enough for their lives, people wanted to help them as soon as possible. I was solving the problem… the blacksmith who removed the monstrous keratinized growths. Animaux en Peril employees wrote on their social network:

“In 24 years of work, we have never seen a horse with such long hooves.” The animals were given the necessary help. They removed the overgrown hair, lice, and thoroughly bathed them. Everest and Poli – that’s how the horse and pony were named – received the affection, care and attention they needed so much. The staff of the shelter wrote the following about these poor people:

“It is impossible to imagine the agony of recent years. They probably suffered from hunger, and then torture and feeling trapped.” But after a few days of being in the shelter, the animals became much easier. They were even covered with blankets to make them feel safe.

If you look at the photos before and after entering the shelter, then you simply do not recognize the animals! They are clean, tidy and more cheerful! And no horrible overgrown hooves that kept the poor devils from walking! The animals got what they deserved – love, care, attention. They are happy and free, they live in excellent conditions.

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