A pregnant woman began to give birth, but the TAXI driver did not lose his head and even called her husband.

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that require us to show our best qualities. And how great it is if an ordinary person manages to come out of them with honor to become a real hero! This story happened in the early morning in Moscow on October 15, 2022. 23-year-old taxi driver Sunatullo Mirzoev in the western part of the capital, in the Fili-Davydkovo district, went on his shift, which began at 4 am. The man worked as a taxi driver not so long ago, although he had already seen a lot.

Drivers often encounter different people, get into unusual situations. But Sunatullo had no idea what would happen to him that day… So, it was early in the morning when the taxi driver received an order to pick up a girl from the Fili district. The guy immediately went to the call, he always tried to be punctual, and also polite and responsive. When the taxi driver arrived at the place, he saw a woman who was in a position.

Moreover, her stomach was huge, which indicated a long time. In short, she was going to give birth very soon. However, no one imagined that so much… Later, Sunatullo recalled that the woman had large bags. The man helped to load things into the salon, opened the door for the lady. That’s just a woman with a huge belly did not sit on the seat. She grabbed the door, after that she began to scream violently.

Sunatullo recalls that he immediately saw that the woman was not very well, but did not ask anything. I just joked that the most important thing is that the passenger does not give birth right in the car. But when the woman screamed, it was no laughing matter. The taxi driver realized that contractions had begun. The woman collapsed into the back seat, continuing to scream. The taxi driver was horrified, because he did not understand anything about obstetrics, he had never been present at a birth before.

The woman dialed her husband, handed the phone to Sunatullo. He said: “Good evening! We are giving birth, what should we do?”. My husband called the doctors, but it turned out that they would not be on the spot for a while. Then Sunatullo began to think feverishly about what to do. He typed the address of the nearest maternity hospital into the navigator, it was not so far away. That’s just the passenger started giving birth… It was too late to go somewhere… The taxi driver had no choice but to deliver the baby!

As the man admits, at first he was very scared. Of course, because a woman is giving birth next to you, and you absolutely do not know what to do! And the doctors are somewhere on the way, when they will arrive – it is unknown! But Sunatullo pulled himself together, because someone’s life could depend on him! The man remembered that he had often seen in films how to deliver babies. He realized that the most important thing is to calm the woman, to support her. Sunatullo started talking to the woman in labor, breathing with her.

The woman turned out to be experienced, she already had a child, she knew what to do, tried to remain calm. As a result, Sunatullo helped deliver the baby right in the back seat of his car! Immediately after that, he called the woman’s husband again and said that a girl had been born. The baby’s mother then told: “The driver is poor, I felt so sorry for him, his hands were shaking!”. Of course, the guy can be understood, because he has never been in such situations before!

But Sunatullo proved himself just brilliantly! The man delivered the baby, put the baby on his mother’s stomach, and then went to the hospital. Only there it turned out to be not so simple! It was very early, the maternity hospital was closed! The man had to climb over the fence to tell the guard to open the gate! But the mission was completed successfully! The taxi driver delivered the child – the girl Sveta – to the hospital in one piece!

After that, the man called his husband to inform him that everything was fine with his mother and baby. After the incident, the driver needed a vacation to get away from stress. Sunatullo does not consider himself a hero, he says that any man in such a situation would do the same. About the very history of childbirth , he said the following: “I’m holding my head, she’s holding it too. She’s yelling, I’m yelling.”

The press service of the taxi, in which the man serves, said that they were proud of their employee who was able to navigate in such a difficult situation. Mom and daughter are fine. The happy father contacted the taxi driver to thank him for his deed, and also to pay for the dry cleaning of the car!

This story is about a brave and responsive taxi driver who did not lose his head in a difficult situation, showed his humanity and determination. Thanks to him, a healthy girl was born, for the baby and her parents, he will forever remain a hero.

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