A retired police dog started crying after reuniting with its former owner!

Animals are able to become very attached to a person, they remember their owners, even if they have to part with them for many years. This also applies to police dogs that help law enforcement officers catch criminals.

But often after the end of the service they are separated from their human partners, given to other owners. One can only imagine how much the animals miss their former owners. The main character of this touching story is a police dog, who for many years flawlessly carried out her service in the Chinese province of Sichuan.

The 8-year-old German Shepherd Wangwang was a bloodhound. This is considered literally the top of the “career” for any dog. Bloodhounds are very respected animals, they are well disciplined, have an unsurpassed sense of smell. Such dogs have been learning their business for a very long time, working with only one person. But the animals are not only on duty, but also constantly in contact with their partner.

As a result, sniffer dogs are strongly attached to a person, consider him their master. This also happened with Wangwang. The animal had been near a policeman for many years, whom the dog perceived as the owner. There is a very close bond between Wangwang and the Chinese officer, which will never disappear. When the Shepherd retired in 2019, she had new owners.

The former bloodhound was well taken care of, well fed. The dog is entitled to an excellent pension, which goes to food and veterinary services. In short, Wangwang has nothing to complain about. She went on a well-deserved rest, having worked as an excellent bloodhound. There’s just one thing… Wangwang misses his former master very much!

After retiring, she was separated from her partner, whom the shepherd had not seen for several years. And just recently, a touching meeting took place between Wangwang and the policeman with whom she worked. The Chinese man decided to visit his friend for the first time after a long separation. The way this meeting took place was captured on camera and posted online.

The publication quickly went viral! The dog’s reaction was so touching that it just couldn’t help but touch the users. When the shepherd saw his former owner, he was overjoyed and rushed to him. After that, the man started stroking and hugging the dog. Wangwang, in turn, was so moved that she could not hold back her tears!

The dog really burst into tears when, after many years of separation, she met her former owner! She was perfectly happy to see the ex-host. The dog hardly realized that he was serving in the law enforcement agencies. It was real life for her. And the former partner was not just a colleague, but a host with whom they spent a lot of time together.

And obviously, it was very difficult for the shepherd to stop seeing the person with whom she literally lived for several years. Surely it was a serious injury for the dog. Even years later, she did not forget her master, joyfully greeted him and cried with happiness! The police officer also did not hold back emotions from meeting with his former partner, a sniffer dog.

He said saying goodbye to Wangwang was very hard. And the police officer also noted that his friend clearly eats well, got fat without the usual loads. In the police, service dogs often continue to live with their owners even after retirement. But this is not practiced in China. The Sichuan provincial police, when asked why Wangwang could not live with his former master, replied that he simply did not have time to take care of the animal.

So it turns out that another family is taking care of the dog. We hope at least that the visits of the former owner of Wangwang to his friend will be more frequent. Dogs are always attached to their owners, for them the owners are the whole world. If everything is difficult with police animals, then you can definitely say about pets – never leave those who have been tamed!

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