A road that disappears 2 times a day. Passage Du Gua

There are many amazing places on our planet that the vast majority of Earth’s inhabitants are unaware of. One of such unusual objects is a striking road under the beautiful name Passage du Gua. Le Passage du Gois is a high-quality asphalt pavement on the coast of France.

The road could well be called ordinary, if not for its amazing location. Passage du Gua is a unique object that can be considered a real extreme attraction. The thing is that the road runs right along the bottom of the Bay of Burneuf. This amazing place was even recognized as a French national treasure in 2017!

No wonder, because the road really amazes the imagination! It is a natural transition between the mainland town of Beauvoir-sur-Mer and the island of Noirmoutier. But the most amazing thing is that most of the day Le Passage du Gois is flooded with water. The depth varies from 1.5 to 4 meters at different times of the day!

At the same time, you can drive along an amazing road only twice a day, when the entire part of it is completely above water! At the same time, cars can move along the Passage du Gua for no more than 3 hours. In bad weather, this time is further reduced. It is simply impossible to move along the road at high tide! If you do not have time to drive to the mainland or island, you will have to wait several hours.

Residents of St. Petersburg with their drawbridges perfectly understand what is at stake. Interestingly, the tides can be very rapid, so sometimes you need to have time to cross the road as quickly as possible. At the same time, we must not forget about the danger of fogs that often cover France.

In conditions of poor visibility, it is easy to lose the road, which is very dangerous on the Passage du Gua. They even installed rescue towers on it, which you can climb to wait out the tide. Such buildings are called “parrot masts”, they are located at a distance of about half a kilometer from each other. Despite the precautions, a huge number of accidents are registered on the Passage du Gua every year.

The road, the name of which some translate “lying in the mud”, others – “wading”, is located in a bay where two opposite currents meet. Up to a certain point, it was possible to get to the island only by boat. However, over time, a natural shoal was formed, on which a road was built in 1971.

However, the name Passage du Gua is found even earlier. So, in 843, the road is mentioned in documents in connection with an interesting story. The fact is that prisoners were kept on the island. It was believed that the French authorities did not need to spend extra money on the protection of prisoners, because they simply could not leave prison for natural reasons.

It was assumed that it was impossible to leave the island on their own. However, the prisoners found their way to the mainland along the shoal, which they did not fail to take advantage of. Now the disappearing road attracts hundreds of tourists, as well as athletes. Interestingly, since 1987, unusual races have been held on Passage du Gua. The task of athletes is to get to the finish line with dry feet.

Not all participants of unusual competitions manage to do this. For tourists, the most important thing is not to go too far while walking along an unusual road. Otherwise, you will have to wait out the tide on a high “parrot mast”. But after low tide, you can, together with the locals, collect shells, shellfish and other gifts of the sea, which remain in abundance on land after the water leaves.

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