A sick and frozen cat knocked on the woman’s window, as if he was begging for help…

Often people underestimate the mental abilities of our smaller brothers. Street animals have to show special intelligence, which are literally forced to fight for their survival. This story happened on Christmas Eve in Canada. One woman who lived in a large private house heard strange noises in her yard.

She went to the muffled knocks to see what was going on. What she saw simply amazed the Canadian! In the snow stood a haggard red cat, who was tapping his paws on the front door! The animal was very tired, unhappy and obviously hungry. Winters in Canada can be very harsh, for sure the cat is frozen and just tired that no one wants to save him.

It seems that knocking on people’s doors was his last chance for survival. It was the eve of a bright holiday, the woman simply could not let the unfortunate animal into the house. The Canadian woman took a picture of the poor guy, then sent his picture to the founder of the organization for the rescue of kittens in Quebec, Marie Simard.

When she saw the photo, she immediately sent the animal to a partner veterinary clinic. Surprisingly, the street cat got into the carrier without any questions, and behaved just fine at the doctor’s appointment! The animal seemed to understand that they were trying to help him. The veterinarian conducted all the examinations, checked whether the cat had a microchip. The animal behaved very calm and friendly, no one believed that he was homeless.

But it turned out that the poor man had no master. The unfortunate man who knocked on the door was named Aslan in honor of the lion from the Chronicles of Narnia. The animal had a lot of health problems, which is not surprising, given its homeless life. Aslan had rotten teeth, a bleeding wound from a bite and many other things. The cat lay in the vet clinic for several days while the doctors took care of his health.

Aslan was friendly with the staff and all the animals. The cat even stuck his paw out of the cage so that people could pet him! Aslan was obviously happy with the love and attention that was being given to him. The cat was not used to such treatment, but he appreciated it very much. Aslan’s condition has stabilized, it remains only to find him a house. It was impossible to return the animal to the street, he clearly did not want to go back.

The veterinarian said that Aslan was so exhausted that he could not survive the winter. The cat was even ready to endure all the procedures steadfastly, just not to be in the cold again. Veterinarians really did not want to give Aslan to a shelter, he needed a house. As a result, the Canadian woman decided to take the animal, to whom he knocked on Christmas Eve.

Marie Simard, who was engaged in the rescue of Aslan, was very happy about this turn of events! The fact is that the cat needed to adhere to a strict diet, in addition, he needed constant care. It was clear that the Canadian woman who revealed her desire to become Aslan’s mistress would cope with the task, because she understands the condition of the animal, how important it is to take care of it properly.

So Aslan became a full-fledged part of a new family that adores him! The cat loves to eat, often tries to steal food from the plates, so you need an eye and an eye for him. But these are trifles compared to the love that the cat gives to its owners. Now Aslan looks absolutely happy. His landlady says he doesn’t even try to go outside. Aslan sleeps on a pillow most of the day.

And he is also very affectionate and gentle, constantly wants to cuddle. Miracles still happen, as a rule, they happen with the participation of kind and good people who help those who are in trouble. A cat knocking on a stranger’s door on Christmas Eve is really amazing, but the story would have ended quite differently if the Canadian woman had just chased the poor guy away. Fortunately, Aslan’s life has changed in an amazing way.

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