A stray CAT came to math class every day. Later his story became known to the whole world!

Animals give us a lot of positive emotions. But among our smaller brothers there are very special specimens that become known all over the world. The hero of this story is a red cat named Tomby. But if this animal was an ordinary pet, then the story about it would hardly be so interesting.

The fact is that Tomby is a cat who has become a full participant in the educational process. A red-haired homeless man started going to an ordinary elementary school in the Turkish city of Izmir. This cat quickly became a real local, and then a world celebrity, but most importantly, he found loyal friends and defenders.

At first, the hungry animal was looking for food on the school grounds. But one day the cat came into one of the third grades while there was a lesson going on. The animal behaved surprisingly quietly, did not bother anyone. The teacher Ozlem Pynar Ivashku decided not to expel the cat, who was sitting quietly at one of the desks.

The children were absolutely delighted with this decision! The cat felt at home among the children. Of course, he began to visit his favorite 3rd grade often. From the outside, it may seem that leaving a cat with young children during their training is not a good idea. But in fact, this decision of the teacher turned out to be very correct.

The school staff sent the animal to the veterinarian, hung a beautiful collar around his neck. The children adored the cat, who almost constantly spent time with them. The students fed and stroked him, from which ginger was just delighted. The children helped the cat, but he did not remain in debt.

Tomby, who became an integral part of the class, always behaved very decently. It may seem to you that the animal distracted the children from their lessons. But in fact, the students quickly got used to it, stroked only at recess. At the same time, the cat has become a real anti-stress for children! Remember how hard it was for many of us at school.

Heavy workload, quarrels with classmates, worries about grades. All this is a huge stress for children. And Tomby was doing a great job with him! The cat helped the students to calm down, reduce stress levels. Tomby was really a good influence on the students! They began to look forward to the beginning of lessons, hurried to classes.

But getting to know the third graders was a great success for the cat himself. Tomby literally lived in the classroom, he became almost a real pet. He was taken care of by several owners who adored their new friend. Tomby was treated for parasites, so he did not pose a danger to children.

But not everything was smooth in this story. One of the parents of a student in the class was worried that his child was communicating so closely with a stray cat. So there was a complaint about Tomby in the school administration. The principal told the teacher that the cat needed to be removed from the classroom. The children were very upset, but there was nothing they could do.

The teacher found a new home for the cat, but Tomby missed the children very much. Then she decided to take him to her. But the cat was clearly depressed from not being able to see the schoolchildren. The animal even stopped eating. Ozlem Pynar Ivashku decided to tell about this story on social networks. Her post quickly went viral, flying all over the Internet!

The reaction of users was unanimous: we need to return the unfortunate cat to school! When the author of the complaint found out how much the animal was suffering and how many people were not indifferent to this story, he decided to transfer his child to another class. This made it possible to change the situation.

As a result, nothing prevented the school director from allowing the cat to live in the classroom with the children again! The students were delighted to meet their pet, who again began to attend classes. Tomby looked really happy and calm, and started eating well again. The students said, “We love Tomby very much.

He is very important to us. He’s a student just like us. Tomby is a special cat.” The teacher decided to prepare a report card not only for children, but also for everyone’s ginger pet. After all, Tomby also attended all classes! And an unusual cat became the hero of a book written by Ozlem Pynar Ivashku.

Leaving the animal in the classroom was a very bold and unusual decision. But it was clearly worth it! Animals make us better, contact with them is especially useful for children, who begin to treat all living things and the surrounding world more respectfully.

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