A street dog sneaks into a wedding and changes the life of the bride and groom forever…

The attitude towards animals can say a lot about each of us. It’s not for nothing that Chekhov wrote that “a good person is ashamed even in front of a dog.” This amazing story happened to a couple from the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo at their wedding. But what happened continued after the ceremony…

Marilia and Matthew Pieroni were legally married. On this day, the mood and plans were slightly spoiled by the weather. Because of the torrential rain, the wedding was decided to be moved from the street to the premises. At the celebration itself, everything went on as usual, the guests admired the beautiful bride, who looked dazzling.

Special attention was attracted by a long veil that elegantly fell to the floor. But the most interesting thing began to happen when the newlyweds took vows of loyalty to each other. An unexpected guest appeared at this part of the wedding ceremony, which caused a real stir. A dirty stray dog who wanted to hide from the rain got into the celebration.

It was dry and warm inside, so the poor animal decided to stay. Moreover, during the ceremony, the dog lay down right on the bride’s luxurious veil! The dirty and wet animal felt great on a snow-white wedding dress!

It turned out that this animal had already tried to get into the ceremony several times, but it was constantly kicked out into the street. However, the wet dog did not give up, she really wanted to get warm. She didn’t know she was ruining someone’s wedding! And after another expulsion to the street, the dog triumphantly returned back, comfortably sitting right on the veil.

The guests of the ceremony were terrified! After all, the animal soiled the wedding dress! They believed that the bride would be upset when she realized what had happened to her veil! Only Marilia surprised all the guests… The bride turned out to be amazingly beautiful not only externally, but also internally.

Anyone else in her place would have made a scandal, kicked out the dog and continued the ceremony. But the bride began to laugh heartily! Moreover, she decided not to chase away the poor dog, who was so comfortably settled on her veil. We can confidently say that Matthew was incredibly lucky to have such a wife!

It is obvious that Marilia is an amazingly kind and good girl who can meet unforeseen situations with a smile. The dog itself got up from the veil, after that it was present at the ceremony for some time. She quickly settled in, felt at ease among the guests who no longer tried to drive her away.

As a result, the bride and groom liked the dog so much that they decided to take it for themselves! It’s not for nothing that she came to their wedding and lay down right on the veil! That’s just the street dog left the ceremony when the rain stopped. At the end of the wedding, the bride could no longer find the animal. Marilia was insanely upset, she had already become attached to the direct and cute dog.

The newly-made husband and wife went in search of their new acquaintance the next day. That’s just they never managed to find him! But Marilia and Matthew did not despair, they decided to continue searching for the dog. The newlyweds searched for her for a whole week, but in the end they still found her!

The dog was named Snoop, he was fed, watered, and thoroughly washed. The street animal was just happy to get his portion of care and food. The photos show that Snoop is delighted with his new life! That’s what it means to be in the right place at the right time!

That’s how the uninvited guest became a full-fledged part of the newly formed family. Marilia and Matthew were not only not upset that their wedding did not go according to plan, but also turned the appearance of the dog at the ceremony into a part of their new life.

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