A woman noticed a man with a dog on the beach — what they were doing touched millions of people

There is nothing more touching and poignant than sincere friendship. At the same time, it can sometimes take very unusual forms, which does not make it less real. This touching and very emotional story took place in a small Portuguese town washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. A girl named Erica went for a walk at sunset, ordered food at a local restaurant near the water.

But suddenly a very unusual picture caught her attention. Erica immediately forgot about the food, she was so impressed by what she saw! The girl noticed an elderly man who was spending time in the company of his friend, a faithful dog. Erica immediately turned on her camera on her phone to record what she witnessed. The girl just couldn’t hold back tears of emotion from the picture she saw. While recording a video for TikTok , Erica said:

“This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.” And it’s very hard to argue with a girl! Erica filmed a very touching moment. The girl started filming her tear-stained face, and then turned the camera on the cute couple. A man was sitting on a bench and watching a beautiful sunset over the ocean. And next to him was his best friend, who shared this touching moment with the man.

The man hugged his huge dog, seeing off the day with him. The picture was very soulful and amazingly beautiful. A man and a dog were enjoying the sunset, clearly not needing anyone else’s company! The animal wagged its tail and leaned as close as possible to its owner. And it was quite enough for a man to have his beloved dog next to him.

This moment reminded Erica and everyone who saw the touching video on the social network how beautiful, full of kindness and love our world can be. Sometimes you just have to stop for at least a minute to see something really sweet and beautiful, like this couple admiring the sunset on the beach together. Erica superimposed calm background music on the video sequence, after which she posted a post in TikTok.

The publication has become insanely popular! The video has already been watched by more than 25 million people! Users left a lot of nice reviews under the post, some even admitted that they could not hold back tears either, while others thanked Erica for being able to catch such a wonderful moment. I must say that the girl wanted to approach the man with the dog, but she had to leave to pick up her food.

When Erica returned, the couple was no longer there. But tiktokershe still managed to find a man on the video, which became possible thanks to the popularity of the video. She contacted an elderly man, asked about his life. The hero of the video turned out to be a music teacher. Of course, he is very attached to his dog, and also insanely grateful for all the kind words under Erica’s publication. That’s how a simple and very beautiful story of friendship between a dog and a man won the hearts of millions. It looks like we really missed something kind and real!

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