A woman saved an elephant that was washed ashore by a flood, now it follows her everywhere…

True kindness is appreciated not only by people, but also by animals. They often become very attached to the person who helped them, and remain grateful for their salvation all their lives. This is the story of an unusual friendship between a woman and an elephant. Roxy Dankvers is the founder of the Wild Is Life Reserve, which helps wild animals survive.

The animal shelter was established in Zimbabwe’s capital Harare more than 20 years ago. Dankvers has already helped a huge number of wild animals living in Africa. One of these rescued babies is a little elephant, with whom trouble happened. The animal, which was named Mayo, which means “heart”, almost drowned when it tried to swim across the river that overflowed its banks.

The baby elephant was very small, he was only a few days old. Mayo did not cope with the task, could not get out of the river. A flock of elephants could not wait for their fellow tribesman, so they continued on their way. But Africa is very dangerous for kids who are left alone, they have almost no chance of surviving without human help. Soon Mayo was surrounded by a pack of hyenas. The baby was doomed to perish.

But local rangers came to his aid! It was they who sent the baby elephant to the reserve founded by Roxy. All the locals knew perfectly well that they would help every animal in trouble there. Now Mayo is more than a year old, it’s already a big baby elephant. At the same time, Dankvers became a real mom for the rescued baby!

Since the baby elephant appeared in the reserve, he just does not leave Roxy’s side. It is quite possible that Mayo considers a woman his mother. After all, the pack abandoned the baby elephant when he was very young. It turns out that Roxy replaced the animal’s mother, whom he almost did not know. The woman surrounded him with care, treated and fed the baby. As a result, Mayo became a real tail of his savior!

The baby elephant follows the woman everywhere, he even moves freely around Roxy’s house! Mayo is still a child, but he weighs more than 55 kilograms, so he constantly leaves destruction behind him! The expression “like an elephant in a china shop” is more than appropriate here! The animal just occupied the reserve and Roxy’s house, in which there were almost no vases and just whole things!

He likes to climb on the sofa, smash furniture, gnaw shoes. Mayo destroys everything that catches his eye! Except Roxy isn’t mad at him at all. A woman has been saving wild animals for many years, for her animals are much more important than some broken things. Roxy has been rehabilitating baby elephants who are in trouble for many years. The animals are put in order, after which they are released back into the wild.

But things are more complicated with Mayo. The baby elephant is very sick, in addition, he was weaned from his fellows too early, so Roxy doubts that the animal will be able to return to its natural habitat. No wonder Mayo became so attached to his savior! The fact is that Roxy even slept with the baby elephant when he was very weak.

So the woman was able to win the love and trust of a wild animal, so early left without a mother. The baby elephant wants to be with Roxy all the time, even when she is resting on the couch. Roxy adds that a very close bond has formed between her and the baby elephant.

But Dankvers understands that it is better for a wild animal to live in nature in order to be able to move freely, to contact other representatives of its species. Roxy says it will be difficult for her to let Mayo go, but she will do everything in her power to make it possible.

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