After a long search for his biological mother, he realized that he worked with her in the same store!

They say that what we are looking for is often very close. The heroes of this story were able to verify the truthfulness of these words… In October 1985, American Kristin Talladi gave birth to a healthy, beautiful boy. The woman was not married and was very afraid that she would not be able to raise a child on her own, give him everything necessary for a happy life. And even before giving birth, she made a difficult decision to give the baby to an orphanage.

Kristin found a suitable family who really wanted a child. The woman found out everything about the future parents, but they did not tell her their names so that she could not find a new mother and father of her son in the future. Kristin gave the baby away immediately after giving birth, but she had no idea how hard it would be for her after this act. A real black hole was formed inside, which could not be filled with anything. Kristin knew that her son was growing up in a loving family, but this did not make the woman’s longing any less.

Talladi never forgot about her baby, whom she held in her arms for just a few seconds! Every time a woman saw a mother with a child, her heart was simply torn with pain. Kristin got married, she had two kids. That’s just the thoughts of her son did not let go of the unfortunate. The woman left information about herself during the adoption, so she hoped that her child would want to find his mother.

And the most amazing thing is that the son was really looking for his mother! When Steve Flag turned 18, he wanted to meet his biological mother. The guy grew up in a very loving and happy family, but he always knew that he was adopted. The parents supported Steve’s decision to meet with his mother, but it was not so easy to find Kristin. The guy received a document with the mother’s name, but could not find anything about this woman!

The search began in 2003, but it wasn’t until 2007, when Steve turned 22, that he realized what his mistake was! It dawned on the guy, he guessed that he just misspelled his mother’s last name. Instead of “Talladi”, Steve typed “Talladay” on the Internet, as a result, 4 whole years of searching were simply in vain! And so the guy tried to enter the last name correctly. The result immediately gave the address: West River Drive, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The most amazing thing about this story was that this place was only a mile from the store where Steve worked as a truck driver! The guy just couldn’t believe his eyes! All this time Mom was very close! Flag called the boss, and he just stunned the guy. It turned out that a woman named Kristin Talladi works with a guy in the same store, although she got a job there quite recently. She was the head cashier, and Steve kept making eye contact with Kristin.

The guy found his mom, and she turned out to be very close! But Steve didn’t dare approach her, he wanted everything to go perfectly. Therefore, Flag asked that Kristin be called and informed that her son had been found. Prosecutor Blodgett decided to take on this delicate case. The prosecutor also said that the guy works in the same store with her!

And called his name. When Kristin realized that her son was the same truck driver she had seen more than once, she just couldn’t hold back her tears! It turned out that her child, whom her mother never forgot, was very close all this time! On the same day, Kristin and Steve finally met. It was an emotional reunion of mother and son, which was accompanied by tears, hugs and conversations about life.

The woman told about her family, about the torments that haunted her after she gave up her child. An amazing story has spread all over the world! Mother and son were invited to various shows, they and their families were even given a trip to the Caribbean.

But for Kristin and Steve, the most important thing was to find each other, both consider their meeting the most important gift in life. This touching story once again proves that miracles do happen, and what you have been looking for for so long and unsuccessfully may be very close!

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