An impudent official insulted a mother with a child on a plane! She didn’t understand what was waiting for her…

Officials all over the world are very similar. Instead of fulfilling their direct duties to ensure a decent existence for ordinary people, they try to live as luxurious and carefree a life as possible. This story is about an impudent official who got what she deserved for her unworthy behavior.

American civil servant Susan Peyres was flying from John F. Kennedy Airport to the city of Syracuse. On board, along with an official who was a member of the New York state government, Mariss was flying with her young child Mason. The boy began to cry loudly, which often happens to children on airplanes.

For kids, flying is a lot of stress, to which they quite naturally react with tears. It would seem that this obvious fact should be understood by all adequate people. But Peyres was clearly not one of them… The official made a real scandal! Susan didn’t like that the crying baby was sitting right next to her!

After all, the woman considered herself such an important person that she simply could not be forced to listen to the crying of a child. But 8-month-old Mason didn’t care at all who to cry next to. The kid was just afraid of the plane, and therefore sobbed loudly. When Susan saw the crying boy, she just lost her temper!

The enraged official threw her bags into place, loudly saying: “This is not funny at all! They should be sitting in the back of the plane!”. Susan’s words were accompanied by obscene language, the woman was not even confused by the fact that she was swearing near a little boy. The child’s mother made a remark to Peyres to stop swearing. But that Susan was even more furious!

She told Mariss to fuck off! All this time, the young mother filmed her unpleasant interaction with the official on the phone. But even the fact that Susan’s rudeness can be made public did not stop her from rude behavior. It seems that Peyres was sure of her impunity. Of course, because the woman was an important person, why should she be afraid of ordinary people?

Peirese struck a pose, she declared that she was not going to fly next to a crying child. To sort out this situation, Susan called a flight attendant. An experienced airline employee named Tabitha wanted to settle the conflict, but received her portion of anger from an official!

Peyres threatened the stewardess that if she did not fulfill her whim, she would simply be fired. But Tabitha was not afraid of the threats of the boorish official. On the contrary, she called for help from other airline employees who simply kicked Susan out of the plane!

That’s right, Peyres quickly got what she deserved, no one began to look at the fact that a woman is a civil servant. She behaved simply boorishly, for which she was punished. But Peirese wasn’t just kicked off the plane! The story had a very unpleasant for the official, but a fair continuation.

A young mother, whose crying child caused this situation, posted a video taken on board on a social network. And the post instantly went viral! The rude behavior of the official was condemned by all users who watched the video. Among the spectators was the Peirese’s superiors, who did not appreciate the behavior of their subordinate.

As a result, Peyres was suspended from her position for an indefinite period. New York State Government Public Relations Supervisor Ronnie Reich commented on the current situation: “Civil servants are obliged to meet high standards of behavior, both in the professional sphere and in everyday life.

We were notified of the incident and launched an investigation. The employee has been removed from the office, sent on vacation until further notice.” Mariss, who published the video that became viral, does not regret that she made the behavior of the official public domain. But she sympathizes with Peyres, who lost her job because of her behavior.

A simple mom has much more compassion and mercy than a high-nosed official. Peyres did not show any pity for the little frightened child, she only cared about one thing – to comfortably sit in her place. But no one canceled the law of karma, so Susan quickly got what she deserved.

The task of officials is to take care of the welfare of the people, but they often forget about their direct duties. All over the world, high-ranking officials often simply use their privileges, looking down on ordinary people.

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