Dad notices that his daughter is behaving strangely, he takes a sip of “juice” and they immediately go to the hospital…

Parents should always be extremely attentive to what happens to their children. Even if they are constantly in front of adults. In the town of Vinigs, Georgia, there was a story that could have ended terribly if not for the attentiveness of parents, especially dad. After Sunday church service, the Smith family decided to stop by a nearby restaurant for a snack.

With the adults was their little daughter Aliya, who was only 18 months old. The parents ordered food and apple juice for the baby. They sat for several hours, resting and talking. During their stay at the table, a waitress approached them, offering to pour the juice from the container into a children’s cup for convenience. But the family refused. Who would have thought that this refusal would save their baby’s life. When the family finished the meal, the husband and wife got up to pick up their daughter and leave.

At that moment, the father of the family noticed that there was clearly something wrong with the juice in the container. It had an unusual color, and the daughter who drank it behaves unusually. When the man tasted the drink, it literally burned his throat. Not believing his own taste, Aliya’s father handed the “juice” to his wife, and he immediately ran for help. She also took a sip and made sure that her husband was not mistaken. It was strong alcohol!

The woman started screaming and crying in the restaurant. Later, Alexis Smith told NBC News channel 11 that she was just in shock. Adults are allowed to bring alcohol from the age of 21, and in this institution it was poured to their little girl. The father immediately called the duty manager, who said he was not involved in the incident. It turned out that the waiter took a container with an incorrect label on the table, which indicated that it was apple juice.

Perhaps it was the bartender’s fault. The manager, distraught with horror, submitted a report to the owner about the incident, apologized profoundly and paid for the Smiths’ food. When the couple left the restaurant, Alexis noticed that her daughter was behaving strangely. The parents took the child to the doctor. They were very afraid that their daughter might become ill. Doctors confirmed that after drinking about three teaspoons of an unknown drink, the child had a small concentration of alcohol in his blood.

After observing the girl for some time, the doctors reassured the parents – there were no more deviations in behavior. There was a terrible accident that shouldn’t have happened. The restaurant staff treated their duties irresponsibly, it is not clear how it was possible to confuse alcohol with juice at all, especially since for a small child even a small dose of strong drink can be fatal.

Now, of course, the Smith family will carefully sniff and taste what is served to their girl. But their sad experience should be a lesson to all parents who bring their children to dine in public places.

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