Doctors did a heart massage for 5 hours and created a real miracle!

Not all heroes wear raincoats, the best of them are dressed in white coats. Today I will tell a story about doctors who were able to create a real miracle! The incident, which could have become a tragedy, occurred in the children’s hospital of the Chinese city of Changzhou. The provincial medical institution was not equipped with the latest technology, but very good doctors worked there.

An 8-year-old boy, Xiao Yu, who had serious health problems, was taken to the hospital. A small patient was diagnosed with acute heart failure. In the hospital, Xiao’s condition deteriorated sharply. The boy was getting worse and worse, and the doctors just didn’t know how to help him. The hospital did not have the modern equipment that a young patient needed.

The doctors understood that Xiao would not receive proper treatment in their institution, he had to be sent to a more staffed clinic. The hospital staff decided to transport the patient to a medical center in Shanghai. There, Xiao would have received the full amount of medical care, the necessary examinations and treatment. But the situation was escalating, the boy was getting worse.

At one point, Xiao’s blood pressure plummeted, and his heart just stopped! The boy had an attack of myocarditis! Everything happened very quickly, but the staff of the children’s hospital were not confused. To save their little patient, the doctors were ready for literally anything! There was a boy with a stopped heart in the hands of the medical staff!

And Chinese doctors have started measures to resuscitate their patient. To save the boy, the doctors, along with the nurses, did a heart massage for five hours to prevent Xiao from dying! Resuscitation procedures had to be continuous, only this could save the child’s life. In order to constantly affect the heart and lungs, doctors constantly did massage, regularly changing each other!

The chief doctor of the hospital contacted the clinic in Shanghai to deliver equipment for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation — emergency oxygen saturation of the blood. The device was supposed to save the boy’s life. However, the equipment had to wait! And for this it was necessary to continue resuscitation procedures. And the doctors did everything that depends on them.

About 30 doctors and nurses took turns performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation for five hours. And persistent doctors managed to save their patient! Their efforts were not in vain, Xiao Yu’s condition was stabilized. When specialists from Shanghai with the necessary equipment arrived at the provincial hospital, doctors and nurses had already managed to make more than 30,000 chest presses!

It was just incredible, the amount of work done is even difficult to imagine. But doctors and nurses say they simply had no other choice. None of them even thought for a second about stopping! The head physician of the medical institution told the following about it:

“We forgot about everything in the world, the whole world shrank to the size of this ward and Xiao Yu’s heart. We couldn’t look his parents in the eye and tell them he was dead because we stopped. We are very glad that he is all right.” Xiao Yu survived thanks to the efforts of doctors who selflessly fought for his life. The boy was sent to the Shanghai Children’s Hospital, where he was given the necessary help.

Now he is alive, recovering from the incident. History can be called a miracle, but it would not have happened if not for the persistence of doctors, their dedication to their work. These doctors did their job, while they can safely be called real heroes with a kind heart.

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