Every night this boy sat under a street lamp. When the police found out the truth, they were amazed

Often people complain about their lives, not knowing how people exist in other countries. But if a strong personality intends to cope with difficult circumstances, she will certainly overcome them. In the Peruvian town of Moche, a 12-year-old schoolboy, Victor Martin Cordoba, came to the attention of the police. The guards, looking through the surveillance cameras from one of the streets, noticed a strange pattern.

Every day, at about the same evening period of time, a boy with a backpack appeared under the lantern, doing something there. By the nature of the service, the police suspected crime. When they found out the truth, they were deeply amazed. After observing the teenager for almost two months, the police realized that he was reading and writing something. A little care and the stories of neighbors finally clarified the whole picture.

The eldest boy of the Cordoba family studied at a free school and made every effort to get a good education. He studied in the morning, grazed sheep in the afternoon, and by night he began to do homework. The financial situation of the family did not allow electricity to be brought into the house. There would be no way to pay for it. Therefore, the household always used candles.

But they also cost money. In order to completely exclude this expense item from the household budget, Victor found a free way to do his homework – by nightfall he went out with homework under the lamp closest to home. You can see better here than by candlelight and you didn’t have to think about how quickly it would burn out. The boy did not worry about the fact that it might be dangerous to be on the street late. There were a lot of homework assignments every day, but Victor managed to study with “excellent”.

He was not going to be a shepherd all his life, but aspired to higher education. The police posted a video of the boy on their Facebook page with an impressive caption: “The boy does his homework by the light of a street lamp.” People were amazed by the teenager’s purposefulness, and called on the local authorities in the comments to pay attention to the difficult situation of the family. The uploaded video has been viewed millions of times.

Popularity led to the fact that the mayor of the city, Arturo Fernandez Bazan, came to the boy, praised him for his desire for knowledge and presented him with new writing supplies. He also promised to bring light to the house and help with the payment of electricity. It is not known whether he was going to keep his promise, but for the perseverance and hard work of the boy, luck clearly turned to face him. Conquering the expanses of the World Wide Web, the video caught the eye of a young Arab businessman, already on Instagram.

Yakub Yusuf Ahmed Mubarak, 31, from Bahrain, was amazed and decided to see the situation with his own eyes. When he arrived at the place, everything turned out to be much worse than he had expected. The businessman talked with Victor and his friends for a long time, visited the school to understand how he could help. After that, Jakub spoke frankly with the boy. The businessman said he would build a new house for his family and help the boy’s mother open her own business.

But Victor must be hardworking and always respect his mother. The businessman realized that he was not mistaken in the little man. The philanthropist also undertook the renovation of the school and promised to equip a computer classroom in it, which he would name after his friend – “Victor”. The boy was amazed by the actions of a man who flew to another continent to help. Yakub promised to return by the time of the start of his studies to celebrate the opening of the renovated school together.

A rich Arab millionaire saw himself in a poor boy who made a lot of efforts to climb the financial Olympus. Now he wanted to help another persistent and hardworking teenager go the same way. Hard work is always rewarded. Victor did not think that he would become famous and different people would help him. He just went to the lantern every night to do his homework.

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