Grandpa shows up at the store in diapers! The seller stops him first, and then goes after him..

Kindness is what makes us human. It is very important in our harsh world not to forget about this simple truth. This story took place in the Taiwanese city of Tainan in the summer of 2017. It was an ordinary day for Xiao Xuan, who decided to have breakfast with her son in a cafe located in a shopping center.

They sat on chairs next to the cash registers. But suddenly a very unusual picture appeared in front of Xiao and her son! The woman has definitely never seen a man enter the store before… in a diaper! An elderly man went to the cashier, who was very politely served. Although he was wearing only a shirt.

Well, a diaper, it’s unclear whether it can be called an element of the wardrobe. So, the man wanted to buy milk, to which the cashier gently replied that only 4 bottles could be purchased. The woman who witnessed this scene wondered why the cashier refused to sell more goods to the strange buyer. However, later it turned out that the seller knew the man’s situation well, understood well what he needed.

Xiao was very interested in what was happening. But it wasn’t just idle curiosity. The woman was worried about an unusually dressed customer at the age. The fact is that Xiao had a grandfather with Alzheimer’s disease, his behavior was also distinguished by some oddities. The woman suggested that the customer in diapers suffered from the same ailment. Otherwise, his strange appearance could not be explained.

Meanwhile, the communication between the customer in the diaper and the cashier continued. An elderly man wanted to buy a large bottle of milk. The seller said that then he would have to give up small jars. He said, “Otherwise you won’t be able to finish them.” The man in the diaper did not object, just counted out the money and left with his milk. But what followed surprised the woman no less than an elderly man in a diaper.

The seller got up from his seat and went after the man. The cashier literally followed the strange customer. He tried to be inconspicuous so that the elderly man would not notice the surveillance. After 10 minutes, the cashier returned to his place and continued his work. No one except Xiao paid attention to this situation. Xiao took photos of this surveillance.

In fact, the concerned cashier just wanted to make sure that everything would be all right with his strange customer! It seemed like it was a common practice for him. Moreover, the cashier at one point even stopped hiding his “persecution” when he helped the old man carry the packages home. Xiao was simply stunned by what had happened!

It turns out that the cashier not only calmly served the customer with Alzheimer’s, but also helped him safely get home. It was hardly part of his direct duties! It was just that the cashier was worried about an unusual visitor, so he followed him to make sure that everything was in order. Xiao wanted to share what she had captured. She made a post on a social network, gaining thousands of likes.

All users were amazed by the touching behavior of the cashier, who showed real human qualities: kindness, compassion, care! One of the users wrote under the post: “Our society lacks people like this guy so much.

I applaud him for his kindness!” Compassion and humanity are qualities that will never go out of fashion. There will always be a demand in society not for greedy, angry and aggressive people, but for the kindness that each of us needs.

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