Having accused the old tramp of stealing, they could not imagine what lesson he would teach them

Fate often tests people for strength, checking unexpected encounters and situations. And on how a person behaves, his whole future life may largely depend. On the outskirts of one of the cities of the USA, where the luxurious houses of rich Americans are located, a man of 60-65 years old was limping. His clothes were pretty worn out, he had “frail” sneakers on his feet, in which his feet were already pretty frozen.

He hoped to find something warmer in the dumpsters of the rich area, and definitely shoes. Mr. Jikoni had already lost his home 5 years ago and now spent the night wherever he had to. The body did not want to obey on an empty stomach. The man suddenly felt very dizzy and sat down right on the luxurious tile next to the big house.At that moment, a car drove out of the sliding gate that opened. A handsome young man, dressed to the nines, was driving. A few seconds later, a beautiful girl fluttered out of the gate.

When she saw Jikoni, she literally screamed. The woman stamped her feet, pointed at him to her husband and shouted that this tramp was constantly hanging around their house. She demanded from her husband that he immediately throw the old man far away. The handsome young man replied: “Dear, we have an important meeting soon. If we get home and he’s around, I’ll personally call the police!” Not wanting to calm down, the young wife threw her briefcase at the entrance and rushed into the yard, shouting to her husband:

“Wait a bit, I’ll teach him a lesson now!”. A minute later, she dragged a bucket full of water out of the gate with difficulty and threw it out on the homeless man with frenzied energy. The elderly man was stunned by the icy “shower”. He tried to get up, but his legs kept slipping from sudden movements, and the pain in them did not allow him to get up. Looking at him, the beauty burst out laughing and jumped into the car.Driving away, the owner of the house shouted out the car window: “Look, old man, if you find yourself somewhere nearby tomorrow, I’ll set my dog on you and let him have fun!”.

After that, he pressed the horn so hard that Jikoni could not come to his senses for a long time. Finally, he managed to get up from the ground. He was shaking from the cold, and his stomach hurt a lot. The man was about to move on, but he saw a briefcase at the gate, which the lady threw in a fit of anger. And then, apparently, I forgot. Jikoni tried to shout after the car, but it had already turned onto the main road. The case was heavy for the haggard hands of a homeless man. One of the fasteners came undone when he took it, and all the contents almost spilled out on the ground.

It turned out to be money. The man called the house, but no one answered. At this time, the couple were rushing by car towards the center. They were in great spirits. Yesterday they received a loan from a bank on favorable terms and today they bought out their construction company from a partner. They were finally amused by the case of the homeless man. The husband made fun of his wife, remembering how zealously she doused the old man with water. Already approaching the office, he asked where his wife had put the briefcase with the money.

Without looking up from playing on the phone, she pointed her finger at the back seat. The man looked there, but saw nothing. “Miranda, it’s empty. Where did you put the briefcase?!” he shouted. The couple began to inspect the car. The briefcase was nowhere to be found. Finally Miranda had an idea. She remembered where she had dropped her briefcase when she ran to get water to douse the tramp. The woman told her husband that this homeless man had obviously stolen their money! Burning with vengeful intentions, they headed back to catch the tramp.

The house was empty and Chris started calling the police. Suddenly his wife tugged at his sleeve. The same tramp was walking towards the house with their briefcase. The couple stood in silence. An elderly man came up and handed a briefcase to a woman with the words: “You left so quickly, I couldn’t shout loudly for you to hear. Here’s your briefcase.” He turned around and walked away. The young couple counted the money and made sure that they were returned to the last cent. After a few seconds, they rushed after the tramp with gratitude.

The couple were surprised that the homeless man did not disappear with such a sum of money. In response, Mr. Jikoni told his story. Once he had a small business, a wife and children. But one subordinate, whom the man trusted the most, stole all his money from him, and sold the business to competitors. When there was little money, the wife left, taking the children. Jikoni began to drink and wander the streets. But the theft did not bring good luck to his former subordinate either. He lost a large sum in a casino and soon his corpse was found in the river.

“So I know by my own example how destructive thefts can be,” the elderly man finished.He advised young people not to judge people badly, not knowing what led them to live on the street. Chris and Miranda were ready to sink through the ground with shame. Having accused the tramp of theft, the young entrepreneurs did not even imagine what lesson he would teach them.

A few months later, the elderly Mr. Jikoni was already wearing different clothes and had his own office. The Johnson couple took him to work at their firm, where he found a new life. Be merciful to people, and life will answer you in the same way. It is worth judging others by their deeds. Then respectable personalities will appear nearby.

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