Having lived in a mobile home for 2 years, she showed what lies behind the beautiful photos of such a life

Hello friends, we have repeatedly talked about unusual mobile homes, as a rule, their owners show only the best moments, not mentioning the disadvantages of such a “free” life. But our heroine today will just open her eyes to this. Looking at the beautiful photos depicting comfortable houses on wheels against the backdrop of beautiful nature, some begin to think:

“And not to give up everything? Can I change my apartment for a mobile home in order to travel, see the best places in the world and stay in comfortable conditions at the same time?”. Although in our countries, this is not quite a common practice, but there are more and more campsites where you can have a great time in nature in your mobile home.

But here it is worth focusing on common sense and honest stories of those who already live such a life. Sydney has been traveling in a mobile home for 2.5 years. She has repeatedly posted beautiful photos of her van in various picturesque places on social networks. The girl was telling how wonderful and wonderful everything was around. But reading the enthusiastic comments, the girl apparently turned out to be conscientious and decided to tell about her life in more detail.

For those who are too impressionable and build “castles in the air” – she told the real story of how everyday life is built in a mobile home. She warns that such a way of existence is not a fairy tale in reality. There are serious details that will completely discourage many from settling in such conditions. The main disadvantage is the small area. The girl this time showed everything without embellishment.

Even in the narrow passage of the kitchen area, she has a carrier for a small dog, on which she has to settle down when there is nowhere to get up. Given the small space and the presence of two dogs, the mess appears almost instantly. Sydney has almost all the furniture gnawed by animals. In the process of growing up, dogs use teeth on everything that comes under them. And there are a lot of such places in the van.

It’s not just necessary with household appliances. Her luxury stove, previously shown in the photos, broke down, so we had to find a not so stylish, but practical replacement. Besides, she’s on gas, which is not entirely safe. The sink has become unusable with frequent movement. Until the girl managed to fix it, she washes the dishes in a regular bucket.

Considering that this has to be done several times a day, it turns out to be very inconvenient. The next important inconvenience is a transformer bed. Yes, in many pictures it can be seen in the form of a table and seats. But it is so inconvenient and long to transform them out of bed that everything is usually left unfolded. In addition, after folding, you have to figure out where to put the bed linen.

Lovers of cleanliness will frankly be horrified by what has been said above. But Sydney’s further story will add to their frustration. If you live in a van with animals, especially dogs, sand will be found everywhere, including the bed and the kitchen table. Animals are constantly moving, and it is impossible to wash their paws all the time, as they would do in a house or apartment after visiting the street.

She doesn’t shower every day herself. The installation in the van is portable, so the pressure is not strong and a powerful flow cannot be expected. The girl is glad that she can just wash herself. Looking at the scenery around the van, you might think that Sydney is just having fun wandering around the neighborhood and getting great impressions. In fact, she has to spend most of the day at her laptop.

After all, you need to earn a living and the existence of two pets. Despite the difficulties, the girl enjoys her lifestyle, freedom and silence. It’s not bad to travel a little, being young adventurers. But this is only suitable for those who are not too concerned about cleanliness and comfort. And, probably, everyone needs to live such a life once, but with age they will certainly want comfort, a warm room and real amenities.

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