He hired 40 grandmothers of different nationalities to work in the restaurant, that’s what came out of it…

Who among us didn’t like the food that Grandma used to cook? The memories of these dishes immediately make us immerse ourselves in a happy carefree time, nostalgic enough about our childhood. An original restaurant was created especially for those who can no longer enjoy grandma’s food.

Jody Scaravella, the owner of a catering establishment located a few steps from the heart of New York – Manhattan, decided to hire very unusual chefs. Tragic events pushed the Italian to a non-standard solution. The fact is that Jody lost his grandmother, mother and sister a few years ago.

He missed his family a lot, and also home-cooked food, so he decided that his restaurant would have real rustic dishes, to which he had been accustomed since childhood! In the Scaravella family, the grandmother was responsible for cooking, who knew a lot of delicious Italian dishes. This was the kind of food they ate in his native country.

Grandma’s dishes were simple, hearty, incredibly delicious. These are the recipes that should have been in the restaurant Enoteca Maria, named after a beloved relative! But who can cook real Mediterranean dishes, if not real Italian grandmothers?

That’s exactly what Jody thought, who submitted an ad to the newspaper about recruiting chefs to his establishment. The Italian indicated that he was looking for grandmothers who know how to cook folk dishes. A lot of applicants responded to the ad! But in the end, Jody invited 7 grandmothers-cooks from different provinces of Italy to his restaurant.

They all cooked a variety of dishes according to traditional family recipes. These grandmothers took turns on duty in the kitchen, changing every day. So the restaurant’s visitors received various traditional dishes every day. This made the menu diverse, allowed you to get acquainted with regional Italian cuisine in all its diversity!

Probably, such a move is also connected with the fact that the restaurant owner understands perfectly well that there can only be one hostess in the kitchen! After all, his grandmother also did not let anyone interfere with the process while she was cooking. Therefore, it is better to distribute the cooks by day so that they do not interfere with each other. The institution is very popular!

People from all over the world book tables in a few months! Of course, who among us does not want to go back to childhood, try real homemade food cooked by grandma? That’s what the chefs of the unusual restaurant are called – “nonnas”. Translated from Italian, this word translates as “grandmothers”.

All visitors are delighted with the signature dishes of unusual chefs, they constantly return to the restaurant to enjoy delicious food and immerse themselves in childhood memories. But the most important thing is that everyone who enters Enoteca Maria becomes a beloved grandson for a while. But this is really priceless!

Interestingly, Jody Scaravella did not stop there. The owner of an unusual restaurant expands his menu by inviting new grandmothers who represent regional cuisines from a wide variety of corners of the world. Now Enoteca Maria employs 40 grandmothers of different nationalities!

Visitors of the restaurant can taste homemade dishes of Algerian, Argentine, Czech, Russian and other cuisines. Grandmothers from different US states also work as chefs, who also present dishes from their region.

Grandfather Giuseppe also works at Enoteca Maria, who prepares his signature dish – pasta. The restaurant is visited by both native New Yorkers who are interested in trying new dishes, as well as immigrants and tourists from Italy, the Middle East, Asia, and Europe who are nostalgic for traditional food.

The establishment offers very tasty traditional food prepared by a grandmother representing the cuisine of her country. This allows visitors to join the culture of an entire nation, and those who belong to it, to remember their childhood. Every evening, satisfied visitors give an ovation to the grandmothers-cooks, who gladly accept compliments about their food.

Of course, there is an extraordinary atmosphere of peace and complacency in the restaurant, which cannot be created artificially. Jody Scaravella came up with a brilliant marketing ploy, because each of us wants to become a child at least for a short time, which his beloved grandmother is trying to feed.

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