He wanted to surprise his wife by coming home from work early. But as a result, he himself was in for a surprise

We always hope that true relationships are not afraid of distances, and love will not be destroyed by temporary separation. This is true, only for sincere feelings we often take completely different aspirations. I don’t know if the story I’m going to tell you today is true, but as time shows, life very often presents the most unexpected surprises. The story of Gennady took place in a small town in the Altai.

The man was born in Moscow, but when his parents separated, his mother took him to her small homeland. There he grew up, studied and married his first love, Alevtina, with whom he once sat at the same desk. In the 90s, money became sorely lacking. At this time, my father unexpectedly called from Moscow. He found Gennady through his mother and offered him a job with an excellent salary. Considering that everyone lived mainly on what was grown in the gardens, Gena agreed without hesitation. The father said that his son would earn more in a year than in his town for a five-year plan.

If everything goes well, he may even be invited to a permanent job in the capital, with housing. Gennady has not been home for 9 months. He was godlessly bored, but he dreamed of buying Alevtina a natural fur coat, diamond earrings and staying at his mother’s new house. Before the New Year, he finally began to mope. The boss, seeing his suffering, allowed him to take a couple of weeks off and go home. Things were going great, and the boss decided to cheer up the “big-headed” subordinate in this way. The man decided to surprise his wife.

In recent months, she has been texting more, not answering calls. Probably, I also found an additional job on the sly. Gene wanted to surprise Alevtina, but as a result, he himself was in for a surprise. He wanted to buy gifts right away, but decided that it was better to let his beloved choose them herself. 2 days before the New Year, he opened the door to his apartment. He thought he would find his wife in the living room or in the kitchen cooking goodies, but everywhere was quiet and empty.

Then he decided to at least go to his best friend, to whom he gave the keys to the garage for the time of departure, so that he could take what he might need at any time. He lived nearby and 15 minutes later Gennady was already knocking on a friend’s door. For a long time no one opened, although there was movement behind the door. Finally, a friend opened it. He looked at Gennady with a dazed look, but did not invite him into the apartment. The man asked for the keys, but at the same moment froze in the doorway.

Behind the owner of the apartment, against the background of the opened door, he saw his wife’s coat. Without saying anything to his former friend, he turned around and left with a broken heart. He was overcome with anger and despair. But when he went outside, he stopped on the porch of the entrance. There was a large bag next to it. The man was not even surprised that there was no owner. He was attracted only by… a child’s crying coming from the bag. He opened the zipper in horror and really saw a newborn baby. Gena grabbed the bag and went to the police. There he explained the situation and showed the child.

The policeman refused to accept the child because there was no employee responsible for such cases at work. Together, they found a number on their hand, according to which they found out the name of the hospital where the baby was born. The man went there. He was given information about the baby’s mother, but also refused to accept the child. Then he moved towards her. It turned out to be a private house. No one answered the knock, but the gate and the door to the house were not locked. Opening the door, Gennady felt a strong smell of gas and saw a young woman lying unconscious in the middle of the room.

After the man turned off the gas and brought her to her senses, she told her story. This child turned out to be the son of the “friend” to whom Gena’s wife left. He cheated on the girl and left. Her parents refused her. The rental of the house was coming to an end. She was young and didn’t know where to go with her son. Therefore, I decided to drop him off at my father’s entrance, because I just didn’t know the apartment. And she decided to die. Gena was terrified. He decided to help a man much more unhappy than himself. The man left some money and said he would definitely come tomorrow.

Almost all night he sat and thought, closer to the morning a decision was made. He began to regularly visit a new friend and help her with the child. When it was necessary to return to Moscow, he rented her an apartment and began to send money. A few months later, he returned to the woman with the child, who received him very warmly. After living a week, Gennady realized that he had fallen in love for the first time. Without thinking twice, he proposed to Elena. They formalized their relationship already in Moscow, where they moved with the whole family.

The company presented Gennady with a 1-room apartment as a gift, as a particularly valuable employee. Now, when he came home, he met sincere love, kindness and comfort. He realized that fate had given him a test so that he could appreciate real feelings. When we have a hard time, we should not think that it is forever. The time comes, and we become really happy next to those people who really love us.

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