He was considered a local madman who digs in a landfill. But his perseverance changed the life of the village.

People laugh at what they can’t understand. But often those who are different from us deserve not ridicule, but real admiration! William Kamkwamba was born in August 1987 in the poor African village of Wimbi in the state of Malawi. The guy grew up with 4 other children, money was often not enough even for food. But the boy always aspired to development, he studied well, read books. But when William graduated from elementary school, the 12-year-old boy had to drop out of school.

The fact is that the parents did not have the means for the boy to continue his studies. It only took about $100 a year to send a guy to high school, but William’s father and mother didn’t have that kind of money. For a simple African village, this is a very large amount, not every family can afford to pay their school bills. It is worth saying that the parents really wanted their child to continue attending school.

Only that year there was a very dry summer, which did not allow to get a good harvest. There was even a famine in the village, as the inhabitants of the settlement had nothing to eat. The lack of food has become another problem for the locals, along with the lack of water and electricity. Later, the head of the Kamkwamba family said that each child ate one corn tortilla a day, while the father ate even less often.

William stopped studying, but his thirst for knowledge was as strong as before. The boy often walked around the village, looking closely at how everything was arranged. And soon William had an idea… The guy began to visit the library often, fortunately there was access to it, to study the questions that interested him. He realized that he could educate himself, since he was deprived of the opportunity to attend school. And I began to pay a lot of attention to getting new information.

William didn’t want to hang around, smoke weed or listen to the radio-the only entertainment available in Wimby. He was constantly disappearing in the library, causing confusion among his peers. But then the behavior of the African became even more strange… The fact is that William was often noticed at the local landfill. Here he had to face a real bullying! Peers and adults openly laughed at the guy who was constantly looking for something among the garbage.

They didn’t understand what William was doing, considering him crazy! Well, really, what can a normal person need in a landfill? And the answer will amaze you! While studying educational literature in various disciplines, one day William found a book on electrical engineering in the library. And among the numerous complex drawings, a poorly educated African discovered a diagram of a wind generator. William was struck by this idea! He immediately realized that he wanted to make such a device!

The village of Wimby is located a little below the equator, so it gets dark there at 6 pm. The lack of electricity greatly complicated the already difficult life of the locals. And William decided to fix this problem! He began to read all the books on electrical engineering that he came across. And I firmly decided to build a wind turbine! That’s just where to get the right elements? The answer is simple – to find it in a landfill!

That’s why the guy disappeared in the trash – he was looking for the right elements for a design that was supposed to change the life of his native village! The guy went to the landfill every day, picking up parts for a wind turbine. And one day he found a bicycle! It was a great success, because from the vehicle it was possible to take the necessary elements for his grandiose project. To build a wind power generator, William made blades out of plastic pipes, a mast out of planks.

The basis of the design was a bicycle. It remains to test the windmill! That evening, everyone just laughed at the guy, but the mood of the locals changed a lot when the lights flashed in William’s house! It was just an incredible event for the whole of Wimby! No one else dared to laugh at the guy who was digging in the dump! William has become a real star, and not only of his village!

The news about a young engineer who assembled a wind turbine from garbage reached the capital of Malawi Lilongwe. The guy was invited to the TEDGloba international conference, where he was not only given the opportunity to speak with an amazing story about his invention, but also given a scholarship to study at a private school, and then at the African Leadership Academy of Johannesburg. William not only attended classes, but also continued to invent!

He brought water to the village, and also created a wind turbine design that surpasses some industrial designs in its characteristics. No one thinks the guy is a local fool anymore. William firmly went to the goal, did not pay attention to criticism and those who were simply unable to understand him.

He received several more educations, led a group of students in one of the colleges, and now finds funding to implement the ideas of talented guys he is looking for all over the country. In 2019, based on the biography of an African, the film “The Boy who Curbed the Wind” was released. William is the embodiment of his main motto in life: “I tried, and I succeeded.” We don’t need to hear those who don’t understand us, let them stop us from going to the dream!

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