He was offered alcohol in a bank, but he survived and got married. The story of the smallest man of the USSR.

Nature is not always generous with us. But often people who initially did not have the best initial data were able to achieve much more than those who received much more at the start. This is the story of an amazing man named Konstantin Morozov, who was born into an ordinary family in the village of Sara, Ulyanovsk region, back in 1936.

This man’s life could not be called easy, because he had a very serious congenital disease – chondrodystrophy. As a result of the disease, which stopped the development of the skeleton, the height of an adult man was only 63 centimeters! Since childhood, Kostya was faced with the rejection of others, the boy was constantly called a dwarf, he was mocked in every possible way.

After all, we know how cruel people can be with those who differ from them in some way. But the man did not give up, did not become a burden to others, was able to live his life as happily and full as possible! The boy was born very small, his weight was less than a kilogram! No one could believe that the child would survive, because he was very weak! However, Konstantin has been steadfastly fighting for life since birth!

He managed to survive, and at the age of 6 months, the weak child was taken to experienced doctors in Kazan. But the doctors just threw up their hands, saying that in this case they simply can’t do anything! They even offered to the grief-stricken mother… to kill and spiritualize the baby in a jar, like some kind of freak! After that, the woman stopped going to the doctors, deciding that she would cope with all the problems herself, she would be able to save her child if he himself wanted to live!

And Konstantin really wanted it! The boy grew up weak, he was three times lower than his peers, but he never gave up! Kostya started working as a child, worked as a soldering iron during the war. A very small boy could climb inside a small container, so his work was very appreciated. Although Kostya’s health was very weak, he worked tirelessly.

I must say that he had soft bones, his legs almost did not function. At the same time, the boy was very smart! Although he did not study at an ordinary school, because everyone laughed at an unusual child. The boy himself mastered the school curriculum, and very successfully! He read a lot, constantly invented something, made something. Kostya could assemble any mechanism, so he created a homemade tarantass, which he drove around the village.

A smart guy passed his exams at school externally, received an excellent certificate. Konstantin became a speaker at Komsomol meetings, was a member of propaganda brigades. People loved to look at the unusual little man, listen to his fiery speeches, flavored with obscene jokes. Interestingly, after Kostya’s performances, people were more willing to sign up for the party.

However, such work brought little money, and the man did not want to be a burden for the family. Therefore, Morozov made a difficult decision. He asked his parents to send him to a boarding school for the disabled near Ulyanovsk. There the guy became the editor of a local newspaper, learned to play musical instruments, composed songs. But the most amazing event in Konstantin’s life happened when the man turned 33.

Kostya is a gnome, as they called him… got married! And his chosen one was the most beautiful girl in the boarding school named Lida! The girl herself took the initiative, confessing her feelings for the man. Konstantin began to make good money on repairing watches, so he was able to postpone for the wedding, and ensure a decent life for his beloved. The newlyweds even bought a dorm room!

Interestingly, Kostya was simply not noticed at the registration, the registry office employee decided that the groom did not show up for the event! And the couple did not find any witnesses who could attend the wedding. But despite all this, the husband and wife have lived soul to soul all their lives! It’s interesting that Lida sometimes… I carried Kostya in a special bag!

And the man himself sewed dresses for his beloved, whose height, by the way, was quite normal – 155 centimeters. The family was the first in the village to buy a TV, set up a garden and a vegetable garden, and neither husband nor wife ever lost heart, constantly supported each other. The man’s life was full, filled with work, love, fun!

Konstantin was the smallest person in the whole vast Soviet Union, but this did not prevent him from being happy! In the 80s, the health of Konstantin and his wife deteriorated greatly due to age, so they returned to boarding school. Lida died in 2000, her husband outlived her by 9 years.

Doctors did not believe that the sick boy would live up to a year, and he died at the age of 73, having lived a bright and eventful life with the woman he loved. The man never complained about his appearance or health, endured ridicule, tried to be useful to people. And we can safely say that Konstantin’s small stature did not prevent him from showing the strength of the human spirit in any way!

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