His daughter was given up for adoption without his permission, what he did is just amazing!

We often hear stories in which a father leaves his wife and children to start a new life. But there are situations when a man is ready to literally do anything to continue to see his child. Christopher Emmanuel is a 25-year-old African American from Aiken, South Carolina. A man works as a loader driver.

At his job, he met a pretty girl, with whom they became friends, and then began dating. Just 3 months after the meeting, the American’s girlfriend became pregnant. The couple had been together for a short time, but this did not prevent Christopher from feeling genuine joy at this news.

The man says that it was his first child, he was ready to do anything to make him happy. Christopher admits that he discussed a possible wedding with the baby’s mother. However, the girl’s parents were against such an alliance. They didn’t accept Christopher and his family. It was a big blow for the guy who felt that the girl’s parents were against him because of the color of his skin.

The man admits that “it was a real punch in the gut.” At the same time, the expectant mother assured Christopher that they would still raise the baby together, the prejudice of the parents would not affect her attitude to her boyfriend in any way. After this incident, the girl began to communicate with her boyfriend differently. The expectant mother began to avoid personal meetings, asked Christopher not to accompany her on examinations.

The man began to realize that something strange was going on. He felt that if he was not allowed to visit a doctor with a pregnant girlfriend, he was unlikely to be allowed to attend the birth or raise a child. Christopher began to study the question of how to protect his rights.

He found out that in South Carolina there is a register of responsible fathers that sends unmarried men notifications about whether their child is being given up for adoption. However, at first Christopher did not consider it necessary to register. After all, he could not imagine what his girlfriend would do, whom he would call in the future nothing else than “egg donor”.

However, when the relationship with the mother of his child deteriorated completely, he still signed up for this registry. After some time, baby Skylar was born. Christopher was not allowed to take part in her life. And after a while, the man received documents, the contents of which simply shocked him.

The papers contained information that the girl who was born a week ago was given up for adoption. Moreover, she has already been accepted into a family in another state! The man was just in shock, because he was not going to give up the baby. He was really waiting for the child to appear, he wanted to raise him! He wrote a message to an “egg donor” who confessed to the man what she had done.

Christopher was just horrified by what had happened! But the ex-girlfriend only replied: “I can’t fix what I did anymore.” Christopher was not going to give up, he began to fight for his daughter. The man hired lawyers to defend his rights in court. Christopher said his daughter was just stolen! Foster parents found out that the baby was given up for adoption against the will of her father, but asked the man to let Skylar go.

They took great care of the girl, were preparing to send her to the best school. But Christopher was adamant-he wanted to raise his daughter himself! He said that “no one can love a child more than his own father.” The mother who gave the child up for adoption wrote a letter to the court, in which she tried to explain her act. She said she didn’t think Christopher would be able to provide for the baby.

The foster family has a large beautiful house, a constant income. The mother thought that the baby would be much better there than with her own father. Except she didn’t ask Christopher for his opinion. The case of annulment of adoption lasted for 3 months! Christopher and his lawyers did everything possible so that the father could raise his child himself.

And as a result, the court transferred custody of the daughter to Christopher! My father was insanely happy about this news: “All I could do was fall on my knees, cry and thank God for bringing my daughter home.” The case was widely publicized. According to Christopher’s lawyer, this public attention will help restore the equal rights of fathers to adoption.

Jennifer Mook said: “Biological parents should be the first choice to raise children if they are fit and willing to do so.” The most amazing thing is that if Christopher had not registered in the register of responsible fathers, he would never have known where his daughter was. Two weeks after the court ruling, the foster parents reluctantly returned the baby to her father. Christopher saw his daughter for the first time!

He says it was a unique moment, because Skylar was finally where she was supposed to be. Fathers are very different. Skylar was very lucky to have a dad who was ready to fight for the right to raise his child. With such a caring, brave and responsible parent, the girl will definitely feel protected and loved.

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