How did nature take revenge on the Chinese for sparrows?

In our world, phenomena harmoniously complement each other, because everything here is interconnected. A person needs to understand for a long time that it is impossible to just invade nature, thereby disturbing its fragile balance. This istria tells about what consequences there are, if you do not take into account the fact that everything is harmonious and thoughtful in our world.

Surely you have heard about how the Chinese once wanted to interfere with the natural rhythms of nature, deciding to destroy all the sparrows. It was a very big mistake… A large-scale campaign to exterminate birds was adopted at the Congress of the Communist Party of China in 1957.

The initiator of the experiment was the biologist Zhou Jian, which is very strange, because a representative of this profession like no other should understand the consequences of thoughtless interference in nature. According to the Chinese, his country could not cope with hunger in any way because of the sparrows. They say birds destroy crops.

For the same reason, not only sparrows, but also rats, flies and mosquitoes were to be subjected to mass destruction. As Zhou Jian suggested, such a decision would lead to a rapid flourishing of China’s agriculture. After signing the decree on the destruction of pests, all the Chinese rushed to fulfill the task of the party.

But killing a rat is not so easy, the population of mosquitoes and flies also did not suffer much from the strange campaign. So it turns out that it was the defenseless birds who got the most. What the clever Chinese did not do with them! Sparrows were poisoned, snared, starved, forcing them to stay in the air for many hours.

Unhappy birds can not fly for a long time, this leads to their rapid exhaustion. The Chinese realized this, so they started waving rags, knocking, shouting, whistling to prevent the sparrows from landing. The result is sad – thousands of birds fell to the ground, after which they were finished off, and then the dead carcasses were collected in huge heaps.

There were many of them all over China! The victims of the horrific campaign were other birds that fell under the hot hand. The people were so carried away by the “fun” that it was quite a common thing to remove schoolchildren from classes so that they would shoot the unfortunate sparrows. Those who killed the most birds were given certificates.

It’s hard to believe, but in three days after the signing of the decree on the extermination of sparrows, more than a million individuals were killed! China has lost more than a billion birds in a year. In 1958 there were almost no sparrows in the country. They were almost completely exterminated. The Chinese rejoiced in their “successes”, not suspecting what awaits them next… In 1959, the country had an unprecedented harvest!

The Chinese were terribly proud of themselves, of course, they managed to overcome hunger! But it was too early to rejoice. In fact, the destruction of sparrows led to the disruption of natural food chains. The fact is that a huge number of caterpillars, locusts and other insects began to appear in the fields, which rapidly destroyed agricultural crops.

But that was just the beginning! The worst thing happened in the following years! Already in 1960, there were so many pests that they simply devoured all the plants in their path! Absolutely nothing grew that year! The Chinese were shocked! They started collecting caterpillars, but it didn’t help. As a result, the insects ate the entire crop of crops!

This led to unprecedented hunger and mass deaths of people who simply had nothing to eat! It was the sparrows that regulated the number of caterpillars, the absence of natural enemies led to uncontrolled reproduction of pests. It is strange that the biologist who proposed killing birds did not foresee such a development.

But no one has canceled the laws of nature. The Chinese were dying of hunger, according to the most conservative estimates, more than 30 million people died! This forced the leadership of the Communist Party to cancel the decree on the extermination of birds. China even turned to the USSR and Canada for help, asking them to send them sparrows. The birds were delivered by wagons! Fortunately, the sparrows quickly dealt with the caterpillars and locusts, stopping hunger.

But since then the Chinese have a very special attitude towards small birds. Violation of the ecological balance is fraught with serious consequences. It is high time for a person to understand that interference in the natural order of nature can be very dangerous for all living things, including you and me!

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