It’s hard to believe, but it’s the same woman. Hang Mioku is a lady who ruined her face.

Life can change completely in one moment because of one stupid act or a fatal accident. And it will be simply impossible to return what was before… This is a tragic story about the beautiful Hang Mioku. A former beauty… The woman was born in South Korea in 1963, and since childhood she has been very attractive in appearance. Nature has rewarded her with flawless skin, a beautiful oval face, a small nose and neat lips.

Hang has always wanted to be a model, she carefully watched her appearance, which allowed her to star in advertising campaigns from a young age. The girl became a very successful model, who was known not only in her country. But the modeling world is very harsh, women over 25 are already considered old. Hang didn’t want to leave the podium, she tried her best to prolong her youth. And at the age of 28, the Korean woman decided to have her first plastic surgery.

The operation was quite successful, the surgeon was able to correct minor aesthetic defects, which made the girl even more beautiful. And after that, Hang became addicted to surgery! It became a real addiction for her! She constantly went under the surgeon’s knife to look younger and more attractive. The girl was naturally beautiful, she didn’t want to lose it, but she obviously overdid it…

I must say that South Korea is a real mecca of cosmetic surgery. In this country, improving the appearance with the help of plastic surgery is a very common phenomenon, and not only among girls. An indicator of how much aesthetic surgery is in demand is the fact that there are more than 500 such centers operating in Seoul Gangnam district alone.

And there are always a lot of customers who dream of youth and beauty! The girl continued to perform operations, becoming more attractive. But the fascination with aesthetic surgery did not pass without a trace for her appearance. After the next operation, the beauty began to have serious problems. If you look at the photo before and after, you just won’t believe that it’s the same person! When the parents saw the girl’s face, they were just scared for her!

The fact is that during one operation, the models were injected with vegetable oil instead of silicone! This was due to the fact that the girl turned not to a specialist, but to some dubious clinic without recommendations and reputation. The fact is that at that time the girl already had not so much money, she could not afford the services of an expensive and professional surgeon. What happened as a result of questionable injections is simply shocking!

An attractive Korean woman with a beautiful refined face has turned into a real monster from horror movies! Her face swelled up a lot, became lumpy and red, a huge second chin appeared! It was just scary to look at the girl! It’s hard to even imagine what it was like for Mioku herself to look at herself in the mirror and see all this! The oil destroyed the girl’s face, even her own children did not recognize her!

Of course, you could forget about the career of a model! Hang made a huge mistake, because of which she completely lost her beauty! But the Korean woman decided not to give up. She sought medical help in the hope that doctors would be able to correct the results of unfair work of a cosmetologist. To raise money for treatment, Hang opened an account so that people could send her donations. The Korean woman herself did not have the financial opportunity to pay for the procedures on her own.

As a result, in 2008, doctors were able to correct the situation a little by removing foreign formations from the face and neck. Hang has gone through 10 painful surgeries, but her beauty is still severely disfigured. Now the Korean woman, whose story has become known throughout the country, works as a seller in a clothing store. Mioku does not conduct social networks, rarely appears in public.

This is all that is known about the former model, who tries not to attract attention to her person. Hang is used to being admired for her appearance, she just doesn’t want people to be horrified by her face. Sometimes the desire to become perfect can play a cruel joke on us.

You should not commit rash acts to look 10 years younger or become 5 kilograms thinner. Dangerous pills, thoughtless cosmetic surgery can lead to sad consequences, which will not be so easy to fix.

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