It’s hard to believe that this boy really lives. But the eyes do not deceive you.

Videos and photos with a guy from Rwanda cause not just surprise, but a real shock. Internet users who have seen publications with the image of a 21-year-old resident of a country in east Africa simply cannot believe their eyes… A guy from a small village in Rwanda is not very similar to the modern inhabitants of the planet Earth.

A stocky African with a very large nose and a small skull bears a greater resemblance to ancient people than to representatives of Homo sapiens. At his age, the guy looks like a child, and his appearance has the features of both a man and a monkey.

The Rwandan has a stocky build, small stature, his appearance really has a lot in common with a primate. The same are the habits of the guy who has already been dubbed Mowgli. The lifestyle of a young man is very unusual even for Rwanda, whose customs may seem strange to a European.

The mother does not know at all how to raise such an amazing son, in whom there is not so much of a modern man. The guy does not like to be at home, he does not gravitate to the benefits of civilization at all. For him, a familiar and comfortable environment is a jungle!

The Rwandan constantly leaves his home to run through the jungle, eat bananas and various herbs, climb trees. A mother cannot find her son for days on end, who is completely uninterested in ordinary life in society. He does not want to communicate with his peers, study, do everyday things.

The Rwandan has not learned to speak by the age of 21, most likely, he will never master the language. The guy communicates with primitive gestures, his parents have learned to understand him. But modern Mowgli rarely expresses a desire to interact with others, he does not need it.

He is withdrawn and unsociable, shuns people, even relatives. All that is interesting to an African is climbing trees and gathering. At the same time, the guy refuses the food that his mother cooks. And not at all because the woman is a bad cook, it’s just that Mowgli likes the food he finds in the jungle more. Mom says that about her son:

“I hardly see him. As soon as he learned to walk, he began to run away into the jungle. He doesn’t know anything, he can’t do anything. All he does is run.” But how did the appearance of such a Mowgli in the modern world become possible? According to a well-known English tabloid, the guy’s mother had several unsuccessful attempts to conceive a child.

This time she managed to carry and give birth to a boy, who was named Ellie. He grew up not quite an ordinary child, and his appearance was very specific. The boy had a disproportionate head, a strange skull shape. The situation with medicine in Rwanda is not important, so the woman did not turn to doctors to determine how well the child is developing.

Over time, the oddities in Ellie’s behavior became more and more, until he began to spend almost all his free time in the jungle. The boy was not capable of learning, was alienated, showed no interest in his peers. All these features have been growing stronger every year. Ellie became afraid of his fellow villagers, which is not surprising at all.

An unusual guy is constantly teased, called a monkey. And Ellie, in turn, tries to avoid the villagers who constantly offend him. The guy spends all his free time in the jungle. A mother can’t keep up with her son, who loves to run. To catch Ellie, she uses a lasso! That’s the only way to get Mowgli home. The woman says that her son lives in the jungle.

That’s where his home is. If the mother does not come for her son, then he never returns to the village by himself. The woman admits that she suffers a lot because her boy is so strange. And she is also very depressed by the ridicule of others. The mother admits that her son often returns from the street with black eyes under his eyes.

The story of modern Mowgli quickly spread across the Internet thanks to TV crews who made a short film about the life of a Rwandan. People all over the world treated Ellie with more understanding than his fellow villagers. They collected almost 2 thousand dollars for the guy’s mother. Internet users believe that this money will allow a woman to work less in order to spend more time with Ellie.

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