Leo was chained for 20 years, and look at his reaction when he was released.

Many modern countries at the legislative level refuse circuses with animals and, as practice shows, this is a very correct and effective measure. This terrible and at the same time touching story happened to a mountain lion, who are also called cougars, named Musafa.

This unfortunate animal had a very tragic fate. A proud and rebellious mountain lion whose place is in the wild jungle, led a terrible existence. It’s hard to even imagine what this poor guy had to go through! When the animal was found by animal rights activists, they were simply amazed at the conditions in which it was located.

The inhabitants of North and South America have many legends about the cougar. This animal is as popular in Latin America as a bear in Russia. Many dreamed of seeing this proud beast. Because of people’s thirst for entertainment, cougars are often found in traveling circuses in Latin America. Viewers love to look at the numbers with these animals.

Unfortunately, people often just don’t know what is behind such performances… Animals are kept in unbearable conditions, brutally trained, mocked at them. Cougars, like other wild animals, must live in natural conditions. There can be no other opinion. If you think otherwise, just look at the poor animal named Musafa.

It’s hard to believe, but a circus cougar lived for 20 years chained with iron chains to a truck. The animal performed in a traveling circus that toured all over Peru. Musafa was not released into the wild, he did not run, did not hunt, did not communicate with his brethren. For 20 years, the unfortunate beast lived a terrible life, in eternal beatings, in a space limited by a chain.

The situation changed when an animal rights organization found out about Musafa. The staff of Animal Defenders International spent several months to save the cougar, to save her from torment. Animal rights activists were simply shocked when they saw how the unfortunate animal lives!

The organization immediately decided to close the circus, which would allow them to save Musafa. As a result, animal rights activists managed to achieve their goal! The circus was closed, because the legislation does not allow keeping animals in such conditions. Musafa found himself in more suitable conditions for him.

The animal had spent its whole life in close quarters and near people, so it could not be released. But a large aviary was built for Musafa, where he lived in natural conditions for himself. The vast territory was just for him alone, and soon other cougars joined him.

The video, in which the animal is released from the chain for the first time and given the long-awaited freedom, cannot but cause mixed feelings of joy for Musafa and at the same time pain for the way people treated him! At first, the mountain lion simply cannot believe that he is walking on the grass, he is clearly scared. But then the animal feels freedom, begins to enjoy its new position.

This is exactly how proud cougars should live – in nature, among their fellows, and not entertaining the public through their own pain and humiliation. Unfortunately, Musafa lived at large for only a few months. He died at the end of the same year 2015, when he was rescued from the circus. Existence on a chain undermined the animal’s health, caused him serious injuries.

Fortunately, Mustafa was still able to learn what freedom is, even at the end of his difficult life… It is amazing that nowadays it is still possible to create simply unbearable conditions for animals, to use them for entertainment. There are already so few animals on our planet, because we are surviving them from their usual habitats.

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