No one at the wedding knew what she was hiding under her dress, but the dog sensed danger in time…

A dog is a loyal friend of a person and his protector. Therefore, the extraordinary behavior of the animal is definitely worth looking at. Perhaps she is trying to warn about something dangerous. In a village on the outskirts of the city of Maiguduri, in northeastern Nigeria, the entire population gathered for a local wedding. According to local customs, everyone who lives with the newlyweds in the same locality had to be present.

The celebration was being prepared in the open air and everyone who came to congratulate the young people met with joy and hospitality. It all happened on Sunday morning. Not far from the wedding tables, a local resident’s dog ran around, which she released in the hope of delicious bones. It was an ordinary mongrel, but quite large. The dog was friendly and no one was afraid of her on the street.

When the fun was in full swing, a young girl began to approach the crowd of celebrating guests from the far end of the village. She was wearing a beautiful dress and seemed to be carrying a gift in a bag. The dog pricked up its ears and turned in her direction. When the teenage girl came closer, the dog rushed to her and immediately clung to the dress. She was shaking it so hard that she seemed to want to rip it off. When the girl stopped, the dog also stopped.

As soon as the guest tried to move towards people, the dog with a furious growl tried to block her path. Seeing that the dog, who had been lying quietly next to him all morning, was shaking the man, everyone stopped, not understanding what was happening. The animal was clearly pulling the girl by the dress in the opposite direction from the people. She tried to break away and come closer. The owner of the dog rushed forward, hoping to calm her pet.

She was terrified that her dog had attacked a young girl. Seeing that the owner was approaching, the dog attacked the girl especially zealously. The woman wanted to recall the dog, but did not have time. There was a deafening explosion. The blast wave scattered the nearest building and the hostess was thrown several meters away. When the slightly recovered guests came closer, they saw the remains of a dog and a suicide bomber. No one at the wedding assumed that she was hiding under a beautiful dress, and only the dog realized in time that something was wrong.

Here was her mistress and other people who treated her well. So she had to save them! A resident of the village of Belbelo, Buba Ahmed, said that all the guests are infinitely grateful to the selfless dog who sacrificed himself to save their lives. Local police spokesman Victor Isuku confirmed to the Associated Press 3 days later that the dog really saved a lot of people.

The animal literally forced the suicide bomber to set off an explosive device where she was standing. The country’s official forces are ousting Boko Haram Islamic extremists from most cities and towns. In response, the bandits will use the tactics of using suicide bombers. On the same day, a few hours before the heroic death of the dog, three suicide bombers were discovered and eliminated during special operations in the villages of Muna and Dushuman, also on the outskirts of Mayguduri.

In the Belbelo community, the suicide attack was not suspected. Considering how many people gathered at the wedding, the sacrifices could be great. If not for the heroism of the local mongrel dog, who showed boundless devotion and readiness for self-sacrifice. People, be attentive to the events happening around you! This seemingly unreal story happened in 2017 and was replicated in all the media. The dog saved dozens of people at the cost of his life and became a real hero.

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