No one could even look at this cat, but a 7-year-old girl decided to help her.

Our world rests on people who will not pass by someone else’s grief, they will always help another living being. And it is especially joyful when children show compassion and care towards those who are in trouble. This means that all is not lost for humanity yet, with such a generation we still have a chance to build a bright future.

There are a lot of stray cats in Istanbul. In Turkey, it is not customary to sterilize street animals, so they wander around the country’s cities in large numbers, begging for food. Cats and dogs try not to offend, but they do not help very often. It’s just that stray animals have become a familiar sight for Turks, like a mountain landscape or city attractions.

Due to the fact that there are many stray cats in Istanbul, many of them are in a deplorable state. There is a very sick competition for food among individuals, some are already born sick. Cats have to literally fight for their existence, but some just don’t have a chance to survive… One of these animals doomed to a painful death was Gulumser.

The street cat of Istanbul lived a terrible life. The animal was still very small, but it had already experienced so much pain! The kitten was very sick, and also just looked terrible! It was impossible to look at Gulumser, who lived among garbage and dirt, without tears. When people saw a scary kitten, they tried to pass by as quickly as possible.

Gulumser’s muzzle was badly disfigured. The animal’s mouth was deformed, its teeth did not hide in the mouth, but constantly stuck out. That is why the kitten was given such a name, because Gulumser translates as “smiling”. Even the unfortunate kitten did not have one ear, part of the tongue. Worms and parasites were swarming on the poor guy’s muzzle.

In a word, Gulumser was far from being a beauty, although it was absolutely not her fault! People didn’t even want to look at the kitty, so as not to spoil their mood. Meanwhile, Gulumser’s life was simply terrible. And no one tried to help her! If not for the participation of a little girl, the kitty would have simply died in agony. But the story turned out quite differently…

One day a 7-year-old girl heard a plaintive crying. It was Gulumser meowing, who was suffering unbearably from pain and really wanted to eat. The girl went to the trash can, where the crying was coming from. She saw the unfortunate Gulumser, who was called a “monster”. But the baby was not at all afraid of the kitten’s appearance! For a child, it was just a living being who was suffering and needed help!

The kitten was only 4 weeks old, but he already knew well what suffering was. The girl simply could not leave the poor animal to die in agony on the street! She had to do something! The girl began to persuade her father to take the unfortunate animal home.

The man was not enthusiastic about such an idea, but he understood that the child shows the right human feelings and emotions, tries to help the kitten, so it is necessary to support the aspirations of his daughter. So the road to recovery began for Gulumser. I must say that it was not simple. The kitten was given a lot of medicines, got rid of parasites, treated the ear and eye so that infection would not begin.

The animal even needed reconstructive surgery. The new family took care of the unfortunate Gulumser, gave her the necessary love and help. And the ugly street kitten turned into a real beauty! Gulumser has grown into a fluffy, affectionate kitty who is insanely grateful to her rescuers! An amazing transformation has happened to the animal thanks to love and care!

She is healthy, lives in a family that simply adores her Gulumser. Kitty is especially attached to the girl who saved her from death. This story proves that the new generation is not as bad as many people used to think about it. And it is very important that adults support their children in such endeavors, because compassion makes a person human.

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