On Mother’s Day, a lonely old woman wakes up to someone else’s voice: “Mom, open the door”

Erica Young is a simple American woman who lives in a resort town in the eastern United States of Virginia Beach. A woman recently buried her husband, with whom she had been married for more than 40 years. The 65-year-old American woman has lived most of her life with her husband in the small town of Norfolk, located in the same state of Virginia. But when her husband died, Erica decided to return to her native places. My parents died a long time ago, no one lived in the family home for many years.

Erica put the house in order and began her measured existence. The woman had no children, her husband’s death took away her only close person. She spent all her time walking on the local beaches and remembering her past life. But one day this order of things changed… One fine morning, Erica was drinking her strong coffee as usual, remembering her husband, thinking about how meaningless and empty her life was. But suddenly her lethargic state was disturbed by a knock on the door.

Erica wasn’t expecting anyone, so she didn’t open it. But then she heard someone say, “Mom, please open up!” outside the door. Erica didn’t understand what was going on, because she knew perfectly well that no one could call her mom. But the woman still decided to open the door to check who it could be. On the threshold stood a handsome, handsome young man who clearly recognized Erica. He exclaimed, “We’ve finally met, I’m so glad I found you!”. Erica didn’t understand what was going on, it was the first time she had seen a young man.

But he clearly knew the elderly woman. He went on to say, “Today is Mother’s Day, I’m so glad I found you on this holiday!”. The young man did not look like a madman or a conman, so Erica’s confusion became more and more intense. The woman even doubted for a second whether she could have forgotten that she had a child. But no, Erica firmly knew that she and her husband did not have children! Then who was this stranger standing at her door? The young man continued to insist that.

Erica is his mother. To prove his words, he took a photo out of his backpack. Here’s what the stranger said: “I was five years old when you abandoned me in an orphanage. I don’t blame anyone, it was a hard time for a single mother back then. I was adopted by a good family, but all my life I wanted to find my own mother. And here I am to hug you!”. But these words did not make sense to Eric, because she did not take anyone to an orphanage. But then the woman looked at the photo that the young man was showing.

And Erica’s eyes filled with tears! There was a sister in the photo who was very similar to herself! Erica realized that the stranger had confused her with Catherine! She started explaining it to the guy who just couldn’t believe what was happening. He had spent a lot of effort and time to find his mom, and now it turned out that everything was in vain! It turned out that his mother died many years ago. But all her life she regretted giving up the child. Catherine simply did not have the opportunity to raise the baby herself.

And Erica herself found out this story much later, when the boy was already adopted, and it was simply impossible to reconnect with him. The guy, whose name was Lucas, and an elderly single woman quickly found a common language. They were both lonely, each in their own way. Erica lost the closest person, and Lucas could not find the mother who abandoned him. The woman saw familiar features in the guy, her heart began to melt. Erica told her sister’s son: “If you ever need a mother by your side, I’m always here!”.

These words touched Lucas, he felt such a pleasant warmth towards the woman! The guy hugged his aunt tightly and thanked her for such a kind attitude. Lucas did not find his mother, but he met a close person with whom he continues to communicate to this day. They found a lot of topics for conversation, common hobbies, Lucas began to come to his aunt often to have fun with interesting conversations.

That’s how two unhappy people met who were able to make each other’s life a little better. A human attitude, sincere affection is something without which it is impossible to feel the real joy of being! And sometimes this closeness can form quite suddenly between people who did not know anything about each other until recently.

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