Passengers do not give way to a disabled person and then the bus driver teaches them a life lesson…

It should be obvious to every sane person that people with disabilities need to give way in transport. But the reality is quite different. This story happened in Paris a few years ago.

Francois Le Berre is a Frenchman who suffers from a neurological disease affecting the central nervous system. Another fairly young man has been living with multiple sclerosis for several years, which is developing rapidly. This disease is accompanied by deterioration of vision, muscular atrophy, brain disorders.

Francois suffered from severe pain, as well as problems with the musculoskeletal system. The Frenchman had to get into a wheelchair, start learning to live in new conditions. Paris is well adapted for the movement of people with disabilities.

However, even in this city, people with disabilities have to face difficulties in their daily lives. A healthy person simply does not understand how many obstacles such people have to overcome to get to the store, and even more so to the other end of the city.

One day, Francois had to take a bus to get to the place he needed in Paris. Such a seemingly simple task has become almost impossible for a disabled person. Francois moved to the bus stop, the transport he needed came up, but the man could not climb into it.

The reason was that the passengers simply did not want to make room for a person in a wheelchair. The situation was just terrible, but the bus driver intervened. Fortunately, he turned out to be a humane and very determined man. The driver stopped the bus and announced to everyone on the speakerphone to get out of it.

Thus, a disabled person has the opportunity to get inside public transport! Moreover, the driver told the passengers to wait for the next bus! He just closed the door, didn’t let anyone back in! After that, the driver went further along his route!

Francois was amazed at what had happened! He expressed gratitude to the driver in his post on the social network Facebook. The man described the whole situation: “The passengers did not give me a seat. Since no one was moving, the driver stood up and said: “The final stop! Everybody out! He turned to me:

“You and your assistant can get on, and the rest: you are waiting for the bus that follows!” After this post, most users admired the driver’s act, but there were also those who began to condemn his act. These people complained that he did not follow the rules of the bus company, which is obliged to transport passengers, no matter what.

The company that regulates public transport in Paris – Regie Autonome des Transports Parisiens – decided not to punish the driver. Representatives of the organization considered that this act was morally justified. The driver showed how to really treat people in wheelchairs! Who would dare to condemn him for this?

Doctors still cannot determine the cause of multiple sclerosis. This disease can be detected at any age. The factors of the development of the disease include stress, hereditary predisposition, deterioration of the environmental situation.

It turns out that no one is immune from this terrible disease, which can turn a completely healthy person into a disabled person in a matter of months. Therefore, we should not think that we are protected from sclerosis and other ailments.

We need to remember this when we see people with disabilities. The least we can do for a disabled person is to give up a seat on the bus, help to get on it.

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