People laughed at the old man when he was digging the ground for 30 years! But then they were ashamed.

Sometimes it seems to us that one person cannot change something. But there are examples of real people who transform the world around them, and often such heroes have to face the ridicule of others.

This incredible story, showing that one is a warrior in the field, took place in the Indian village of Kothilva, which is located less than 100 kilometers from the district center of Gaya. This area is very arid, so there was a constant lack of life-giving moisture in the settlement.

The peculiarity of the location of the village is that even in the rainy season, the terrain features did not allow water to accumulate. The hillsides diverted precipitation to the river, which flowed at some distance from the settlement. Gradually, Kotkhilva became empty, more and more local residents left it, who could not engage in agriculture or animal husbandry.

They simply did not have enough water even to solve simple household tasks! And for the cultivation of agricultural crops or animal husbandry, it really takes a lot of moisture, which simply had nowhere to take. Local residents were losing hope for positive changes. Many have left arid places, not understanding how to change the situation.

But there was one man who was not going to leave his native village. Laungi Bhuyan did not just decide to stay, he wanted to change the deplorable situation with the lack of water in Kothilva. The man set out to make the village prosperous, eliminate its main problem – the lack of moisture.

He set himself a very ambitious goal, the implementation of which took more than a dozen years! Laungi went to work every day from the very morning, which he invented for himself. The man chose not to complain about fate and apathetically wait for improvements, but decided to create positive changes on his own.

The Indian went to the mountains with a simple homemade tool to dig. He’s been doing it day after day for 30 years! For three long decades, a stubborn man went to the realization of his plans! He was persistent in his goal, even though he constantly heard chuckles behind his back. Yes, a man at a respectable age was laughed at like a stupid child!

To say nothing of the fact that no one offered to help him! How did the opinion of others about Laungi Bhuyan change when he finally finished what he started! The villagers were simply shocked by the result! They couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw that water had come to their arid area!

It turned out that a persistent Indian worked hard every day for 30 years to dig a canal that was supposed to divert water from the slopes to the village! And he managed to dig a trench 90 centimeters deep and one and a half meters wide.

The length of the channel was as much as 3 kilometers! When the mission of Launga Bhuyan was completed, the man was already 70 years old! Of course, he became a real hero of his native Kotkhilva! This person knows for sure that he has not lived his life in vain. But the amazing story of the stubborn Indian did not end there.

The story of the determined and purposeful Laungi Bhuyan, who saved his village from complete decline, hit the net and the pages of local newspapers. As a result, the local authorities decided to send special equipment to the village to make the channel deeper and wider. Now Kothilva will be a thriving village, because its inhabitants have got access to water, which they needed so much.

And all this was done by the hands of one man who managed without outside help. Remember this story when you think that you are not able to change anything. We can do much more than it seems, we just need to believe in ourselves and make enough efforts to realize our plans.

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