Polar bear and man are best friends! The story of the most unusual friendship!

We are used to the fact that people keep a dog, cat or parrot at home, but sometimes friendship between a person and an animal can take very unusual forms. This story is about a man who has, perhaps, the most extraordinary pet in the world! 60-year-old Mark Abbott and his wife Dawn live in the city of Abbotsford in the province of British Columbia in Canada. And a man has a very unusual animal at home!

The fact is that 27 years ago Mark took patronage of a female polar bear! The man took the animal born in the Swedish zoo home, since then Agee has been living in the Abbot family. The bear was only 8 weeks old, she was among people from an early age. Now Agee is already a big adult, she is a real TV star! The polar bear starred in art paintings, as well as many television shows.

But how did Dawn and Mark manage to train a polar bear, which is the largest of terrestrial predators? In fact, it is very scary to watch a man calmly frolicking or swimming with a dangerous animal, a meeting with which should be avoided by any person on our planet. But Mark is not afraid of his pet at all. The man even lets Agee close his jaws around his head!

The trainer fearlessly enters the enclosure to the bear, plays with him, hugs, fights. In short, it behaves as if it is not one of the most dangerous predators on the planet, but some kind of pet dog! But Mark himself says that if someone else tries to repeat his actions for Agee, then this unfortunate person will simply become a dinner for her. The man clarifies: “The only people in the whole world that she likes are me and my wife.

I can read Agee’s body language and know how to behave with her as safely as possible.” The fact is that Mark is a professional trainer. He has worked with wild bears for more than 40 years, has studied their habits, behavioral characteristics, and inclinations well. At the same time, you need to understand that Agee has been living with Mark and Dawn for many years. The man himself admits that the polar bear has become a real member of his family!

But friendship with a dangerous animal did not come easy to Mark, he had to gain Agee’s trust for a long time. But now a man is the only person on our planet who can safely touch a real polar bear for his life! What is most striking is that this was made possible not thanks to the suppression of the animal, tough training, but the friendship that was established between Mark and a dangerous predator.

I must say that the Canadian really has unique skills of recognizing the condition of a polar bear. Trainers know that animals have rather immobile facial muscles, which do not allow them to understand from the muzzle what the bear is up to or feels. It is simply impossible for an inexperienced person to determine the condition of an animal in order to predict its further actions.

Mark can tell exactly what Agee is going to do, what her mood is. That’s why he just leaves the bear alone when she wants it, does not get into trouble. But if Agee is in the mood, then Mark teaches her various tricks that are very useful when making films. The bear performs a number of commands, while not aggressive to other people when her friend is around.

How Agee will behave if she finds herself alone with a stranger, it’s better not to check! Still, it is a wild beast, even if it grew up with a man. The man was able to make friends with a dangerous predator without suppressing his will, without forcing him to submit. A person is able to build a warm relationship even with a bear, which means that we can definitely agree among ourselves!

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