Pretty woman met a simple guy. During the wedding, she was in for a real shock! Her fiance is a millionaire.

Let our time be considered mercantile by many, but even today amazing, almost fabulous stories of true love happen. This story will be about a sincere relationship between a man and a woman, in which true feelings are more important than money! Vietnamese Ngayen Van An is a modest girl with a good upbringing.

She has always studied well, and in 2015 she successfully graduated from the University of Science and Technology in Hanoi. At the same time, Ngayen tried to help her parents in everything, was kind, compassionate, treated all people equally regardless of their social status. Plus, the girl is also a real beauty! One day she saw on the Internet a photo of her favorite artist with some unknown man.

The girl decided to write to a stranger to ask about her idol. So Ngayen met a guy named Dang Tuan. Dang said he didn’t know the celebrity and just successfully caught him for a photo. But it didn’t end there, a correspondence began between the young people. He told the girl that there are not enough stars from the sky, he works as an ordinary manager in one of the branches of a large company in Russia.

The girl immediately became interested in a well-mannered young man with whom she had many common themes. After all, he was photographed with her idol, that is, in many ways shared the interests of the beauty! Young people lived in different countries: Ngayen – in Vietnam, Dang – in Russia. But they didn’t stop communicating online, which is very easy nowadays. In November 2016, the young people finally met!

They saw each other live, talked all day! Ngayen realized that she really likes Dang! At the same time, she did not care at all that a man does not earn so much. She saw in front of her an honest decent guy who is trying to achieve something in life. He was a simple hard worker, but Ngayen didn’t worry about it at all.

Young people continued to communicate online, after meeting his beloved, Dang was forced to return to Russia. He knew for sure that he had found the one! Therefore, 9 months after the girl first wrote to Dangu, Ngayen made a marriage proposal! The beauty did not doubt the answer: she wanted to become the wife of her beloved! Let the slender attractive girl be courted by rich suitors, and the chosen one could not be called a millionaire in any way, she wanted to live a life with her only one!

There was just one catch: the girl’s parents were not very happy about their daughter’s choice. Firstly, they understood that young people have known each other not so long ago, while communicating mainly via the Internet. Obviously, virtual interaction will never replace real interaction. Besides, the guy wasn’t rich. But Ngayen firmly knew that she loved Dang, and therefore wanted to live with him for the rest of her life!

To convince the girl’s parents of the correctness of her choice, the chosen one specially flew to Vietnam. He met with his beloved mom and dad, told them that he intended to take care of their daughter all his life, try to make her happy every day. Parents, who at first did not take the young man seriously, were convinced of the firmness of his intentions. As a result, they agreed to the daughter’s wedding!

And they even promised to help financially, because such celebrations require a lot of money. Dang was over the moon with happiness, because now nothing prevented him from taking his beloved woman as his wife! In March 2017, Ngayen flew to Russia to plan a wedding together with the groom. There she became even more convinced that she loves Dange! And now the long-awaited day has come, the newlyweds decided to play a wedding at home!

Many guests were invited to the event, the bride was chosen an expensive dress. After all, such a day happens only once in a lifetime! Ngayen was a little worried that she had to spend a lot of money on the celebration, which could be useful to a young family. After all, the wedding was really gorgeous! But Dang was able to calm her down! An amazing truth was revealed at the event, which dispelled all the worries of the newly-made wife about money!

The man was able to really surprise his beloved and all the guests from her side! It turned out that Ngayen did not marry an ordinary hard worker at all! Dang turned out to be… very rich! Moreover, the man hid his income from his beloved to be sure that she did not choose him for money! This story is very similar to some Hollywood movie, only it happened in reality!

Dang is the head of a successful clothing company. He has a lot of money! It turns out that Ngayen married not only for love, but also for a very rich man! Now the girl is living her best life in luxury and next to someone to whom she feels the most sincere feelings!

And Dang has found a wife who loves him, not money. The couple lives happily enjoying each other’s company. Ngayen and Dang are raising two toddlers. And nowadays there are real Cinderellas who find their princes! In this beautiful story, the girl did not chase prosperity, and in the end she received both love and money!

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